Ndiyo inonzi mbo**: Man shows 'anaconda' to Grade 5 girl, demonstrates how it works


A Chiredzi worker who exposed his private organ to a 10-year-old girl and gave her a lecture on how it works during intercourse was sentenced to 30 days in prison or to pay $100 fine after being found guilty of public indecency by a Chiredzi Magistrate.

Zvidzai Chidaira (37) who works for Chiredzi's largest private company told a grade five Dunuza Primary School pupil that the organ was very sweet.
The incident happened two weeks ago.

Prosecutor Muchini Ngwarai told the court that Chidaira was passing through the complainant's place where he found her washing her feet in a washing basin.
Chidaira tried to touch the complainant's buttocks while she was busy washing her feet but she noticed the move and avoided the accused.

When Chidaira failed to fondle the minor's buttocks he then unzipped his trousers and pulled out his penis showing it to the grade five pupil.
Chidaira then asked the minor that, "Ichi unochiziva here (Do you know this thing)?"

"Chinonzi m**ro mutapitapi kana uchida kunzwa vata pasi unzwe kuti chinonaka sei, (It is called a p*nis, the most sweet thing; if you want to taste it lie on your back and you will have it)", said the accused.

When Chidaira found no response from the minor he said that "Unoziva kuti inopinda pa***** yako here (Are you aware that this thing can enter into your vag*na?".

The complainant who was now confused ran away into the house and when she came out the accused allegedly gave her a US$1 and asked her not to tell anyone about the case.

The complainant however, reported the matter to her parents who then took it to the Police leading to the arrest of the accused.

Chidaira was convicted with Public indecency as defined in section 77 of the criminal law codification and reform act chapter 9:23 on his own plea. He was fined US$100 fine or 30 days in prison by Magistrate Honest Musiyiwa.

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