Former Finance minister Simba Makoni DUMPED!


Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) leader Simba Makoni has been dumped by some of his senior officials who described him as a failed politician.

The officials, who have since formed their own party — Democratic Opposition Party (DOP) led by Harry Peter Wilson — said they were left with no option but to form a breakaway party after they realised that Makoni was still somehow attached to his former party Zanu PF.

This, they said was exposed by how the former Finance minister selfishly split votes in the 2008 elections. We asked him (Makoni) to convince us that he was not part and parcel of Zanu PF of which he couldn’t give us the direction of this and we just left the party because we realised the party was not going to benefit the masses of Zimbabwe,” Wilson said,

“It became another small entity of Zanu PF. It became very hard for us to communicate and get things moving. So we broke away and the majority of MKD supporters drove over to us and came up with this formation,” he said.

The DOP president said as individuals who were working with him they realised that Makoni was a selfish leader who was not fit to lead this country. “As for Makoni, we went in with him when he did not give the mandate to the MDC.

“We continued with him but with that we learnt that being one-sided in politics is not fair because we are here to serve the nation and not make ourselves heroes.

“If he had given the votes to Tsvangirai this country could be in a different situation. In that context, it let Zanu PF — his ex-party — to continue ruling which made it difficult for other parties to move forward. That’s why we are in this kind of dilemma we face today.”

In 2008, the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai won 96 seats and a breakaway MDC faction nine seats, while Zanu PF took 94 seats. One seat was won by an independent. Wilson, who is the losing candidate for Makokoba constituency, said his party has taken a substantial number of MKD supporters across the country who were disgruntled at the way Makoni was running the party.

However, the DOP leader — who worked with Makoni for years — also indicated that he was going to stand as a presidential candidate this year.

– DailyNews

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