Shock as man tries to burn wife alive


A HARARE woman is living in fear of her husband after he attempted to burn her following a dispute.

Lucia Ndumo was applying for a protection order at the Harare civil court against Mogul Chadinya when she made the revelations.

Ndumo also accused Chadinya of assaulting and insulting her

“Your Worship, this man here is my husband but we are not staying together.

“He is an abusive man and he stalks me, I am terrified of what he might do to me one of these days.

“Four days ago he came to where I’m currently staying and told the landlady that I was having an affair with her husband. This has ruined the relationship I had with the landlady and I am now forced to look for another house to rent,” said Ndumo.

“He told my children that I am a pr0stitute and that he was going to pour petrol on me and set use alight.

“A few days after that he poured petrol on me attempting to burn me but I ran away before he could do so.

“I loved him and gave him so many chances but he never took care of me and the children, he did not pay our rentals or buy food. He doesn’t even know my bra size,” she added.

In response Chadinya denied the allegations and accused Ndumo of cheating on him.

“She is lying I have never assaulted nor have I ever insulted or threatened to burn her.

“Problems between us started when I wanted a relative’s number from her phone but the phone was locked. I asked her to unlock the phone but she refused that’s when I started getting suspicious.

“She would stay on her phone till midnight and when I asked her who she was talking to she refused to tell me.

“I then tried to forcefully take her phone from her and she reported me to the police.

“She applied for protection because she wants to protect her lover from me,” Chadinya said.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu granted the protection order in Ndurno’s favour.

– H-Metro

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