Harare lawyer caught having sex with married woman, p*nis nearly cut off


A Harare lawyer was forced to pledge US$50,000 after he was caught having sex with a married woman in Kuwadzana 3 following a tip-off.

Norman Bvekwa of Bvekwa Legal practitioners was caught playing 'hide my sausage' game with Diana Mukaro, a wife to Shingirai Mupakata. Bvekwa would allegedly his Mercedes benz at Mupakata's house and quench his sexual appetite on another man's wife.

Alert neighbours then tipped Mupakata of the goings-on leading to a trap being set.

Bvekwa was severely beaten and left his Benz after being made to sign an affidavit, committing to pay Mupakata US420,000 the following day and the rest in part payments within three weeks.

The lawyer, who was captured and recorded on camera nearly lost his 'straying anaconda' as Mupakata's friend demanded to cut off his manhood, claimed a source.

Bvekwa refused to comment but warned the writer against calling his wife over the story. Maybe he was scared of further being beaten up by his wife.

Diana left the country for South Africa following the incident leaving her relatives to collect her belongings at her husband's house.

Narrating his story to our news crew, Mupakata said Bvekwa hired 40 strong bouncers to collect his Mercedes Benz.

"I was tipped that Bvekwa was having a love affair with my wife and I faked an overnight shift. It is so painful that Bvekwa, a guardian of law wrecked my 12-year-old marriage. he signed the document and I even took the matter before my bosses who gave me a counselling session. I took a short leave to come to terms with such a situation.

"Bvekwa promised to pay US$10,000 weekly after promising to pay US$20,000 on collecting his car and he came 'armed' with 40 bouncers and forcefully took his car. My wife left the house and is reported to have crossed the border to South Africa. Her relatives have collected her belongings. It has emerged that Bvekwa started cheating with my wife in January last year and he even forced her to abort his pregnancy, imagine," said the cheated Mupakata.

Bvekwa through his receptionist promised to give his side of the story refusing to meet news reporters for two days during visits to his offices located at Dolphin House.

"The boss said he is not prepared to meet you and asked you leave your contact details so that he can call you," said her lady receptionist.

Contacted for comment over the phone, Bvekwa threatened the writer with unspecified action over calling his wife about the story.

"I said I will phone you. Why did you phone my wife about this story? be careful!" he said before hanging the phone.

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