Leave us alone, you blatant loser: Nikuv tells Morgan Tsvangirai


Nikuv has dismissed claims by MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai that it was already planning to help Zanu-PF rig the next elections.

“We regret that you have been provided with false, defamatory, slanderous information regarding our work in Zimbabwe. Needless to say, the allegations made by the MDC leader against Nikuv at today’s press conference are blatant lies and utter nonsense. It is quite unfortunate that a senior Zimbabwean politician has chosen to base his political agenda on the lawful and proper work of a skilled IT company,” Anat Saadon, PA to the Nikuv CEO said in e-mailed responses yesterday.

Apparently, Nikuv is being used as an innocent scapegoat in Mr. Tsvangirai’s attempts to explain his political losses within his party and to his voters.

“These shameful efforts to drag a private service provider in Zimbabwe, such as Nikuv, into the heated political arena have been made before and Nikuv has always refused to be pulled into a political embattlement, and we continue to so refuse.”

Saadon said Nikuv was an established IT company which is managed within the framework of sophisticated, modern guidelines and standards which ensures the integrity of a modern, private company.

“Any attempt to claim otherwise is pure slander and defamation. This response applies to all of the allegations of Mr. Tsvangirai mentioned in your email and we shall not dignify each and every ridiculous and imaginary allegation with a formal response,” Saadon said.

Tsvangirai, a former prime minister and trade unionist, insisted there was a vote-rigging plot.He said more evidence was tendered during his party’s national executive’s three-day retreat in Kadoma this week. He alleged that there were fresh details on how Zanu-PF stole the vote.

“But perhaps, more interesting is the new details that continue to be revealed about how that election was a fallacy. The national executive heard more intriguing details only last week of how the people’s will was subverted. As I said in my letter to Sadc heads of State last week, we in the MDC are aware of how the theft was executed and last year we produced a detailed dossier of how the election was stolen, which dossier we distributed to all diplomatic missions accredited to Zimbabwe,” Tsvangirai said.

Asked to reveal what fresh information he had received, Tsvangirai said: “Were you aware as journalists that the military was deployed at every traditional leader’s homestead to drive and frog march people to the election?”

“Were you aware of the elements of pungwes (all-night vigils) in rural areas to intimidate and coerce voters? Were you aware of the extent of Nikuv involvement in terms of voter displacement and voter disfranchisement?”

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