President Mugabe to announce his resignation on TV


President Robert Mugabe is not going to die in office nor opt for a life presidency, but will instead announce his exit from power before the 2018 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, The Telescope has alleged.

Mugabe is falsely thought by many to be angling for another term come 2018, when he will be a frail 94 years, an impossible feat health and mental wise, as the Joint Operations Command (JOC), has reportedly already told Mugabe to publicly state his departure, at the most appropriate political time, investigations by the news crew have unearthed.

JOC brings together key state security organs, such as the army, police, intelligence and prisons. Influential power brokers such as Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Commander, Constantine Chiwenga and police boss Augustine Chihuri sit on JOC and are both staunch supporters of justice minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who heads the JOC confederacy and is suspected of using the organ to rehearse for State power, in preparation of an imminent take over from Mugabe ahead of Vice President, Joice Mujuru, whose political epitaph appears to have been sealed following the latest tug of war inside the party now pitting, First lady Grace Mugabe, recently elevated to head the Women’s League to deliberately stonewall Mujuru from ascending to the presidency, Zanu PF insiders say.

It is thought the secretive JOC, is the real power behind the curtains insofar as the political running of the country is concerned, with Mugabe now reduced to a figurehead of the organisation. Critics accuse the organ of rigging elections on behalf of Zanu PF, together with administering a parallel government, which reports to itself and is not accountable to the State, parliament or cabinet.

According to our (The Telescope News) intelligence sources, whose information has been corroborated by two senior cabinet ministers over the weekend, Mugabe is set to give a “televised speech” to announce his resignation at a “moments notice” before the 2018 plebiscite, in a shocking political deal with his military generals, which includes the rewarding of Grace, with the Speaker of Parliament post in four years time.

Grace, should the plan go unhindered, will become the country’s first female Speaker of Parliament since Independence in 1980. The powerful post has been held in chronological order by the following: Didymus Mutasa, Nolan Makombe, Cyril Ndebele, Mnangagwa, John Nkomo, Lovemore Moyo and currently Jacob Mudenda.

The move to propel Grace to head parliament, is believed to be in line with the security bosses desire to maintain the status quo, while the Mugabes retain considerable influence in government and Zanu PF, as Mugabe himself is set to be rewarded with an honorary accolade as “Zimbabwe’s founding Father”, and will continue enjoying the same presidential perks, other benefits, and round the clock State protection.

“President Mugabe will announce his resignation, when the time comes and it is not very far,” one of the ministers said before leaving for China, where Mugabe is on a four day State visit this week, and hopes to secure a massive bailout from Beijing to rejuvenate the reeling economy.

“Yes, I’m revealing a State secret, but it is no longer a secret now is it? The whole thing shall be broadcast on television. He (Mugabe) has told the security chiefs about his desire to leave office, as an elected incumbent to restore his legacy. We know that he does not want to be humiliated by facing an electoral defeat, let alone to be forced out of power by circumstances beyond his control. However, he is going to remain active from behind the scenes and will continue enjoying all his entitlements as founder of our nation.”
Intelligence sources said the First lady, has allegedly agreed to step into the powerful shoes, as the boss of the legislature, to protect her family and business interests, while dealing a blow to political foes in the party, she suspects of aiming to dismantle her economic interests in the country, which cover mining, agriculture, banking and the food industry.

“Pane vanhu varikuda kundizvuzvurudza mutara (There are people who want to drag me against a tarred road) when the President goes,” Grace recently said, warning her foes not to “play with fire” by dismissing her political muscles.

“It is clear that she does not have the stamina and qualities to be the next Head of State, but for the sake of strategic planning and power games, a faction aligned to Mnangagwa has been engineering her passage to the top, because as Speaker of Parliament, she will be among the top influential actors in the country. The Women’s League elevation is just phase one, of the broader plan,” high level informants said.

Mugabe came close to relinquishing power, through the skin of the teeth in 2008, after suffering defeat from MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai in the first round of the vote. However JOC would have none of it, and pressured him into a run-off vote which was administered by the army and gave Mugabe a landslide, after competing with himself, following Tsvangirai’s drop from the race as he ran for cover against threats on his life, at the Dutch Embassy in Harare, and later a brief exile in Botswana.

A considerable number of global politicians and Statesman, have encouraged Mugabe to call it quits, with their calls falling on deaf ears. According to anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, former South African President, the late Nelson Mandela advised Robert Mugabe to step down in 2007 as a way of preserving his ‘liberation war legacy’, or run the risk of being disgraced like Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who later faced criminal trials, but Mugabe resisted. Mandela’s successor, President Thabo Mbeki, was to later play an instrumental role in giving Mugabe a much needed life-line, when he took part in negotiating a Government of National Unity (GNU), which literally saved the day for Zanu PF in February 2009.

Although the Zanu PF leader, is said to be suffering from prostate cancer, eye cataract problems and swollen feet, all this added by his advanced age, he somehow appears to be containing last ounces of political oxygen to soldier on, a little more.

Mugabe has credited his longevity to “God’s will”. “I do not know how I have come to live this long. It is all God’s will,” he has said previously.

Mnangagwa, who is all but as good as confirmed to become the second republic president, last month told an intelligence service run radio in Harare during an interview, that “Zanu PF elders” are going to deal with Mugabe’s succession issue, in apparent suspected reference to JOC members, who saved the party from a humiliating power exit in 2008.

“Vanenge vakamira pai? Ko varipo vanenge vaindepi? Ndokushupa kwevana vaduku ikoko. Zvinokurukugwa; zvine matare. Imi mune shungu, asi dzinongova shungu. Dai wanga uri pano pandasvika pano, ndanogara namai Mujuru ndichifa nekuseka, ndichiseka imi kuti pwere dziya dziri pano (What power would they be using? These things are discussed by party elders, yours is just a wish and will remain so. I was laughing at you with VP Mujuru as I sat next to her),” said Mnangagwa on air.

“Zvinenge zvakarongwa nevakuru, vashoma vakuru vanoronga kuti nyika yedu yoenda nekupi. Haugari chigaro chekuti nyika inoenda kupi vakuru vasingadi. (It has to be agreed to by the leadership, very few seniors plan the direction that the country should take, because you do not get power when they have not anointed you).”

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