High school pupils caught red-handed having d0ggy-style s_ex in cemetery


WHEN it comes to se_x, sometimes real life mimics fiction.

These words were played out by a seemingly disturbing incident of two shameless pupils from two different high schools in Bulawayo (names supplied) who were caught having dog style s_ex in a cemetery.

The pupils’ raunchy encounter is said to have happened on Monday afternoon at West Park Cemetery.

The two pupils allegedly decided to use the cemetery as their love nest, taking advantage of the restful atmosphere, tall grass and shrubs covering some parts of the graveyard.

According to a caretaker who refused to be named as he was not cleared to speak to the Press, a shocked passer-by spotted the ra_ndy pair as he walked through the cemetery before he approached them and ordered them to put on clothes.

When the passerby escorted them to the caretaker the pupils vehemently disputed his claims saying he caught them “kis_sing and cuddIing”.

The girl who was reportedly shedding tears insisted that their antics had not yet gone further.

The passerby who busted them after he decided to use the cemetery as a short-cut to his home in Mzilikazi suburb was reportedly alerted by the queer sounds coming from one side of the graves.

“When he went to investigate he could not believe his eyes when he found the two pupils busy having se_x.

Despite the fact that they had disputed the se_x claims when they were brought to me when I later went to the scene after they ran away there was a makeshift bed made from tree leaves.

“The informant said when he went to investigate after he heard some funny sounds made by the two lovebirds he found them semi-na_ked and in the act. There is no doubt that their actions would have upset other visitors who may be at the cemetery for other reasons,” said the caretaker while pleading with the reporter that his name should not be published.

Cases of pupils caught r0mping during and after school hours have been on the rise for the past years.

In 2014 two Form Four pupils at Sobukhazi High School in Bulawayo grabbed headlines when they were suspended from classes for two weeks after they were caught having se_x in a classroom in broad daylight.

– B-Metro

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