AN IRATE Mutare man who pulled his trousers down to expose his boxer shorts in a bid to convince the magistrate that his wife was not doing the laundry at their matrimonial home was arrested on Monday for contempt of court.

Jeffrey Chemutsanga, 45, had been dragged to the Mutare Civil Court by his wife, Loveness Mutezo, 40, who was seeking a protection order against him.

She was accusing her husband of being a drunkard who often verbally abused her.

While giving his submissions in court, Chemutsanga became emotional and exposed his dirty boxer shorts as evidence that his wife did not do any laundry for him. The dirty boxer shorts was even struggling to 'carry' his heavy private parts that had been reduced to a mere urinating tool by his wife as she reportedly refused to have sex with him.

Magistrate Langton Mukwengi would however, have none of that nonsense in his court and ordered the immediate arrest of Chemutsanga.

Mukwengi granted a protection order to Mutezo.

Before his arrest, Chemutsanga had also accused his wife of denying him conjugal rights.

"Your Worship, I was also on my way to make a claim against her because she abuses me by denying me sex," said Chemutsenga.

But Mutezo defended her position saying the only time she denies him conjugal rights is when she is having her periods.

"Your Worship I don't deny him, it's only when I am menstruating. He does not understand that its nature. He asks me about menstruation issues in front of kids," said Mutezo.

Handing down his ruling the magistrate said: "I grant the protection order to your wife because you are a bad example to your children.

"If you are not satisfied with the ruling make an application at your own time."

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