Senior ZRP officer in serious trouble for sod0mizing suspects


A senior Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officer allegedly se_xually abused a male convict and two suspects on separate occasions after illegally ordering their release from custody, the Daily News can report.

It is being alleged that the senior cop, Jorum Ndlovu, would take his victims to his house, where he would se_xually assault them.

Ndlovu, who is the officer-in-charge of Eiffel Flats Police Station in Kadoma, is appearing at the Chinhoyi Magistrates’ Courts, facing five counts of aggravated indecent assault.

He is also facing two counts of criminal abuse of office after he ordered the release of the suspects from police cells and another two counts of pointing a firearm.

His first victim (name withheld), had been sentenced to 315 hours of community service by the Kadoma regional court after he was convicted of an unspecified crime.

Ndlovu allegedly found the convict reporting for his community service at Eiffel Flats Police Station during the morning on November 2, 2017, and ordered that he be deployed to his house to do his personal errands and other household chores.

In terms of the first count, the accused went on to accommodate the probationer at his house during the period he was doing community service and abused him.

It if further alleged that on November 6, 2017, at around 2000hrs, Ndlovu was in his bedroom with the probationer and started playing a por_nographic video on his bedroom television.

He then left the house for a while, leaving the complainant alone watching the video.

When he returned, “he went straight onto the bed where the complainant was sleeping and grabbed the complainant’s p***s.

The complainant then removed the accused’s hand. The accused kept putting his hand into the complainant’s pant, caressing his p***s and the complainant kept removing his hand until the following morning,” reads part of the court papers.

The documents further indicate that following this second count, the probationer fled Ndlovu’s house and returned to his mother’s place within the same area, but Ndlovu pursued him armed with his service pistol with which he threatened to shoot him.

Ndlovu is said to have tracked the probationer all the way to a bar where he held him at gunpoint and forced him back to his house where he slept with the complainant in his bedroom on the same bed and under the same blankets.

“During the night, the accused person indecently assaulted the complainant by placing his hand inside the complainant’s pant and caressing his p***s throughout the night against the complainant’s will,” the papers said of the third count.

In the fourth count, Ndlovu, who is a ZRP inspector, also took his alleged victim to Etina mining compound in Kadoma where he bought him beer before assaulting him again.

“On a date unknown to the prosecutor but during the period extending from November 2, 2017 to January 6, 2018, the accused took the complainant around Etina mining compound and started buying him beer. When they returned home around midnight, the accused slept on the same bed and under the same blankets with the complainant. The accused kept putting his hand inside the complainant’s pant and caressing his p***s throughout the night against the complainant’s will. The complainant tried in vain to block the accused from abusing him,” read court documents.

On the fifth count, Ndlovu allegedly indecently assaulted a criminal suspect whom he had found in the charge office at Eiffel Flats Police Station on November 7, 2017, after he had been arrested for disorderly conduct and was awaiting detention.

He allegedly ordered the suspect’s immediate release, barring the fact that his detention was being processed after he was picked up for “disorderly conduct”.

Ndlovu then took the complainant to his house for the night where he asked him to undress and get into bed.

He then started playing a por_nographic video for the complainant, left the house for a while — leaving the complainant alone watching the television — before he returned to abuse his victim.

In yet another incident, on Boxing Day last year, Ndlovu budged into the same police station at night and ordered police officers to release one of the suspects from detention.

Upon his release, Ndlovu took him to his house where he forced him to undress before switching off the bedroom lights after which he caressed his manhood until he ejaculated.

Soon afterwards, the suspect managed to escape and fled to back to the police station through the night, dressed only in his pants, according to court documents.

But Ndlovu allegedly followed him to the station and dragged him out of the charge office where he had taken refuge and took him back to the house.

While at the house, papers further indicate, Ndlovu handcuffed the suspect and produced his service pistol which he used to threaten him by pointing it at him caressing his manhood for the second time.

The senior cop then released the suspect the following morning, whereupon the suspect then reported the matter, leading to his arrest.

Upon learning of Ndlovu’s arrest, his other two victims also filed their reports.

– DailyNews

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