LATEST: 50 students get president Mnangagwa scholarships


The Minister of State for Government Scholarships in the President’s Office Dr Christopher Mushohwe has sent off 50 students to the University of Johannesburg this Monday morning.

The group is the first batch to be sent to South African universities under govt scholarships this year.

The students are going to study Accounting and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and IT.

Of the 50, 32 of them are going to do Accounting Engineering at one of the world’s best schools of accounting.

In his address, Minister Mushohwe explained that the Presidential Scholarship now comes under the new Ministry of Government Scholarships in the President’s Office, which he leads.

He told the students that they were expected to be addressed by the President who is away in Addis Ababa after the Davos meeting which gave him a chance to market the country and the business opportunities saying when the students complete their studies the country would have made huge economic strides.

Minister Mushohwe implored the students to be good ambassadors of Zimbabwe and represent their countries well.

Dr Mushohwe explained to the students that they are going to a former Afrikaans university which now teaches in English and is renowned for producing top grade chartered accountants.

It is also renowned for producing top class engineers.

He promised the students that jobs will be ready for them given the aggressive search for business opportunities that the head of state and government has embarked on.

Minister Mushohwe expressed hope that the countries that Zimbabwe had bilateral education agreements with can propose areas of assistance that the country requires.

He said countries like India and others can give specialised health treatment like brain surgery, spinal treatments and others.

However, Dr Mushohwe said Zimbabwe needs health specialists to be trained locally to save the scarce foreign currency by sending patients to their countries.

He said in Zimbabwe needs to train experts in different areas to enable the country to industrialise.

Such experts are required in the areas of mining, health, technology tourism and others so that the country gets to train people in those areas of need.

Mushohwe said he will also be speaking to industry and commerce to ensure the country trains the required chartered accountants and forensic experts.

“We want to transform our education to help the country value add. China, India, Cuba and others have expressed readiness to work with Zimbabwe in that respect to enhance economic growth and uplift standards of life,” he said.

Minister Mushohwe urged the students to uphold high moral standards and desist from being diverted from their goal of attaining education.

Mushohwe said the ministry is overwhelmed by the number of deserving applicants and cannot meet demand for scholarships due to lack of funding.


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