LATEST: Chivayo discloses why he posted son’s DNA on social media


Wicknell has responded to the backlash he got for publicizing his son’s DNA on  social media. The socialite does not hold have any kind words for his critics.

I posted a picture of my handsome baby boy and insulting comments and inbox massages came in thousands – heee, haaisi wako, tarisa maoko ayo, baba vemwana iyeye mukaradhi, iwe 37 years usina mwana saka chimbo mira nyaya yako tinoiziva hauzvare and many more you know just how lethal broke people are….

Then I decide to post the DNA results again you scream at me again wanyadzisa mukadzi , why were you doubting in the first place….this and that….MaZimbabweans I cant deal…..Its only in Zimbabwe where people make a big issue about paternity tests otherwise it has become common practice world over….Especially madzimai emu Zimbabwe haadi kunzwa nyaya dze ma DNA because maka jaira ku chengetesa varume vana vasiri vavo…..Anyway case closed kana paine arwadziwa tough Luck….

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