Wife goes into hiding after husband discovered her n_udes and pictures of another man’s pen!s in her phone


A 16-YEAR-OLD marriage has had its foundations shaken after the husband discovered nu_de pictures of his wife and another man.

Tawanda Kashaya and Monica Nyonga

Tawanda Kashaya, 40, is now tracking his wife, Monica Nyonga, 36, after she deserted their matrimonial home and taking their two kids with her into hiding.

Tawanda Kashaya holding a claypot with his picture and pant

“I do not know where she is right now. I have tried calling her Econet number but it is not going through.

“She is calling me with a private number and each time she calls she says I am angry at her because of what she did. I have reached out to her relatives but they are saying they have no idea where she is,” said Kashaya.

Kashaya said problems started when he noticed a change in his wife’s behavioural traits. She challenged him to work hard to improve his se_x ‘skills’ since he was no longer hitting the mark.

The father of three pointed that he had nothing against his wife whom she suspected of sending n_udes to another man, despite being legally married.

“My wife started behaving awkwardly late last year achishora zvataiita pabonde, kuti handisi kumufadza zvakakwana. At other moments, she could sleep across the bed and I had to sleep in the dining room or another spare room.

“A few weeks ago, she failed to turn up for a family get-together party we were having and that is when my first-born son said ‘mhamha vaenda kumba kwevabereki vavo’.

“I thought she was going to come back, but she did not until I lodged a report with the police and they said will formalise it after 48 hours,” said Kashaya.

Kashaya said when his wife returned home, she did not say where she had gone and became uncontrollable until last Thursday when she told him that she was no longer interested in continuing with marriage.

“I told her if she was no longer interested in me and if she was no longer interested she had to give me a divorce token nekuti ndozvatinoita pachivanhu chedu, kana zvavakuda kuenda mberi tokanzura muchato.

“I was stressed and started drinking too much beer,” added Kashaya.

Suspected boyfriend

Previously, Kashaya and Nyonga had agreed to remove passwords and lock patterns on their phones for the purposes of marriage transparency.

“I was disturbed and left home to stay with my father in Kuwadzana. My suspicions went further one day when I took her phones and discovered they had passwords and I took them for flashing. The Samsung Note 4 wiped everything but her G-Tel restored pictures.

“My shock was to see n_udes she sent to another man and pictures of a man’s pe_nis. My wife has a vile tongue.

“She started accusing me of bewitching her and from that time, I did not even want to see her face.

“She then lied to me kuti ma n_ude pictures anga ari emuzukuru anonzi Kingston who was once using the phone yacho, but King denied.

“Mumba makanga mavakugara hari ine picture ne p_ant rangu. I later realised the man she sent n_udes to ndimadzibaba asi zita rake or number dzake handina,” narrated Kashaya.

Monica Nyonga

Kashaya said Monica said he was neglecting her and that she will never come back home because she was assuming I have bad intentions about what happened.

When Kingston Mangwengwedza was contacted for comment, he distanced himself from the statements that had been made by Monica implicating him in the n_ude pictures saga.

“I was not involved in those pictures.

“Monica was lying that they were my pictures. That is what I told Sekuru Kashaya and I am happy we are still on talking terms. Monica was lying,” said Kingston.

H-Metro contacted Monica’s auntie, one Mai Tanya in Chegutu, who declined to shed light on the matter.

“I just know she is married to Tawanda Kashaya, for anything else I will not tell you; pane zvatinoda kutanga tambonzwa from others,” said Mai Tanya.

Pressed further, she threw the case to Monica’s sister called Persuade.

“Mirai ndikupei number dza Persuade, Monica’s sister. She went to Kwekwe, she might be able to help you,” she added.

Both Persuade, and Monica’s phones were not being picked.

– H-Metro

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