A security guard  set his matrimonial bed on fire after he caught his sex-starved second wife having sex with a butcher boy in Waterfalls.

Aliman Shava arrived home in the dead of the night on Thursday following a tip off and caught his second wife Talent Dube screaming in sexual pleasure with their neighbour who was only identified as Tongo. The 'sexfull' neighbour who dips his joystick in other married women's wives, is said to be a 'butcher boy' at Koala Meats.

Tongo, who is however, is deaf and dump, was heavily beaten while still naked, with his 'disturbed anaconda' dangling like bus wiper and dripping semen at the same time, sources claim. The sex-starved married woman was also naked and she was not spared when her neighbour-cum-sex partner got a beating of his life. The violent drama only ended at Waterfalls Police Station.

Aliman confirmed the incident saying traditionally the matrimonial bed belongs to the husband.

"It reached my ears that Tongo was cheating with my second wife and I faked a night duty before I caught him having sex with my wife. I forced the door open around midnight when I caught them red-handed. In anger I assaulted them and my wife apologised but Tongo, being a deaf and dumb person, could not say anything. I later took the issue to Waterfalls Police Station.

"It was at the station where Talent changed the statements accusing me of being her boyfriend and claiming that Tongo was her husband. We informed Tongo's wife, and that led to further assaults on my wife. I had to burn the bed after she took her belongings and left my house," narrated the cheated man who was reportedly failing to satisfy his wife in bed.

It emerged that talent and her boyfriend were playing music loudly so that the first wife, Constance Dhliwayo, who was in the next room, could not hear them screaming in sexual pleasure.

"I never saw Tongo in my co-wife's house. Talent has been starving my family for years before my husband took her as his second wife a few months ago. Vazvibatira vega baba kuti muchero wemusango haubatsire pamushe. Vazvionera kuti mukadzi iyeye ihure. (he has finally realised that she is a prostitute who was cheating on him)," said the first wife.

Talent said she deliberately accommodated Tongo to force Aliman to accept a separation since he was failing to support her sexually and financially.

"He was no longer supporting me. He was also refusing to share the property with me so I decided to accommodate Tongo to annoy him," she claimed.

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