Senior G40 member opens up about new party and Mugabe’s position


A LEADING member of the G40 crew and former cabinet minister Patrick Zhuwao said the latest political outfit New Patriot Front (NPF) is not an avenue to bring back toppled former president Robert Mugabe.

In his latest edition, The Zhuwao Brief Reloaded Article 05 (ZBR05) #2018Resistance, Mugabe’s nephew said NPF views the ousted leader as their “mentor par excellence” and acknowledges that he has been retired, albeit forcefully, and should not be burdened and encumbered again.

NPF is made up of former Zanu PF members mainly of the G4O faction who were expelled from the ruling party last year after the military coup and is expected to be officially launched soon.

Zhuwao said it was important to acknowledge that the NPF’s objective was to reverse the “bloody coup” of 15 November 2017 and dismissed the “feared” and “misinterpreted” notion that Mugabe would return as head of state and government.

“It would definitely be grossly unfair to President Mugabe to seek to burden and encumber him again with responsibilities for the state given his contribution to Zimbabwe thus far,” wrote Zhuwao.

“His family deserve to also enjoy his company and presence. Apart from which, the return of President Mugabe is definitely not the intent of the NPF.”

The former cabinet minister went on to say that NPF is not a surrogate of Zanu PF and not even created to split the opposition votes.

“Zanu PF is dead, it is now an immutable fact that Zanu PF was murdered during the bloody coup of 15th November 2017,” he said.

“The stockholder mentality of the coup plotters and terrorist junta is to take Zanu PF as “chinhu chedu” (our thing) at the exclusion of the people.”

“This exclusionary conceptualisation of being the stockholders of Zanu PF whilst and every other member is regarded as being a mere stakeholder was articulated by Chiwenga in an interview during the 2017 Independence celebrations.”

He urged former Zanu PF members to come to terms with being dumped, takarambwa (we were ditched).

“There are those of us who were told in no uncertain terms that we are not wanted in Zanu PF and divorce papers were served on us,” said the former youth minister.

“Some of us received the divorce token of violence, torture and a rain of bullets. Gupuro ranga riri bara (the divorce token was a bullet).”

– NewZimbabwe

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