Mujuru’s bid to bring back Mugabe through the backdoor slammed


ON Sunday morning, Zimbabweans woke up to shocking reports of a developing electoral pact between Dr Joice Mujuru’s National People’s Party and former First Lady Mrs Grace Mugabe.

It was reported by our sister paper, The Sunday Mail that former President Cde Robert Mugabe met Dr Mujuru at his blue roof residence where he reportedly apologised for sacking her as his deputy in 2014.

The meeting, it was reported, was the first step towards creation of an opposition coalition largely populated by G40 cabalists who have been in disarray since the November 2017 Operation Restore Legacy ended their ambition of grabbing the reins of power.

Cde Mugabe is said to have given his blessing to the creation of an opposition political party that will bring together G40 and the NPP.

It is understood he advised Dr Mujuru to work with sacked ministers Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao, Edgar Mbwembwe and Paddy Zhanda, among others.

Coincidentally, the G40 cabal came up with a document calling not only for the postponement of elections while a transitional authority takes over State power but calling for either Sadc or the African Union to deploy troops to pave way for their “transitional authority.”

The reports raise many questions around the character of Dr Mujuru from her ability to learn from the past and her mettle as a politician that she claims to be.

That Dr Mujuru suddenly and conveniently believes as is being reported by some media outlets, that Cde Mugabe, in a bid to convince her, said he had been misled by President Emmerson Mnangagwa who was Minister of Defence at the time, to sack her as his deputy.

The strategy employed to oust Dr Mujuru from Zanu-PF is that same strategy that was used in an attempt to get rid of President Mnangagwa only that in his case, poisoning and attempts at arresting him over trumped up charges with the aim to eliminate him later were also employed.

Mrs Mugabe launched an onslaught on Dr Mujuru in the disguised “Meet the People” rallies whose true purpose started showing on its sixth leg in Gwanda where the former First Lady all but accused the then Vice President of plotting to usurp power from Cde Mugabe.

Mrs Mugabe launched the most savage of attacks on Dr Mujuru accusing her of employing a dual strategy to eliminate Cde Mugabe through assassination where hit men from Israel had been hired to kill the then President.

Dr Mujuru was also accused of engaging witch doctors and performing some of the most spine chilling rituals to remove Cde Mugabe from power.

By the time of the holding of the 6th Zanu-PF National People’s Congress, Cde Mugabe had joined in the attacks, accepting calls for her expulsion from both the Government and the party which he subsequently did.

Even her ally at the time and former war veterans chairman Jabulani Sibanda protested over what he called a “bedroom coup” as it was apparent that there were people who were using Mrs Mugabe to take advantage of Cde Mugabe due to his advanced age.

The same elements tried to employ a similar strategy against President Mnangagwa leading to his sacking after the penultimate interface rally in Bulawayo setting off a chain of events that led to Cde Mugabe’s resignation and President Mnangagwa’s inauguration in November last year.

For Dr Mujuru to believe that Cde Mugabe was misled and then go on to form a coalition with the people who hounded her out of Zanu-PF, not only confirms her naivety but desperation to make an impact in Zimbabwean politics.

It also confirms the long held view that she is a creation of Cde Mugabe, too weak to stand on her own as she has over the years relied on leaning on the veteran leader for all her political life hence her disastrous political career outside Zanu-PF.

Her failure to learn from history also shows her lack of principle and opportunism as she latches onto the tribal politics that the G40 want to preach ahead of elections.

On its part, the G40 has forgotten that for some time MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai was a petitions politician, writing to every institution he could think of in the vain hope that such acts would land him the highest office in the land.

Theirs is a coalition of bitter rejected politicians bound by delusions that they can wake up one day running this country.

The petitions never worked for Mr Tsvangirai and will never work for the Dr Mujuru/G40 coalition.

Efforts have been made by Dr Mujuru’s party to deny their alliance with the Mugabes and by extension the G40 cabal but weeks ago, a Zanu-PF official from Mashonaland East with links to G40 visited Bulawayo for a meeting with fellow cabalists rallying them to support Mujuru.

In the fullness of time, the identity of this official, venue of the meeting, agenda and the list of attendants will be revealed.

There is no one in recorded history who has had successful political activities outside Zanu-PF and Dr Mujuru and G40 are no exception.

– Chronicle

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