Genius Ginimbi Kadungure exposed: This is how he makes his money


Controversial businessman, Wicknell Chivayo has taken a dig at fellow businessman Genius Kadungure, following a war of words with South African based businessman Mutumwa Mawere on social media. Kadungure, who is popularly known as Ginimbi by his followers, challenged Mawere to take him to court after the latter had asked him to settle a debt, on the social media platform Twitter. Ginimbi insisted that he had paid back the R340 000 that he had borrowed from Mawere, and suggested that the money could have been used to pay for Mawere’s legal fees, when he was previously arrested on fraud allegations.

However, this did not go down well with Chivayo, who seemed to take offence at Ginimbi’s comments. He accused Ginimbi of having a ghetto mentality saying that he could not compare himself to Mawere, a renowned businessman. He insinuated that Kadungure was a “fuel smuggler.” Writing on Twitter,

Wicknell said:

This ghetto mentality that a Bentley or a Rolls Royce defines success is ridiculous and absurd. Mutumwa Mawere has worked for the world bank and at one time exported asbestos worth 200 million USD dollars a year when he owned SMM (Shabanie Mashaba Mine). His business acumen is worlds apart from fuel smugglers.

When ever i sit down with Mawere i take a paper and pen and constantly write notes not zvenyu zvana “my guy ” nana guuguu , ipad , appppoool store MAI HWE regai ndinyarare zvangu. Give respect where it’s due….

Genius responded to the comment, by saying that he had no need to respond to Wicknell, as “many” of his followers had done it for him. He retweeted a response from one of his followers which reads:

How though is it different from parading a Mercedes Benz, shoes and first class lounges from unfulfilled tender monies? Kettle calling pot black?

Wicknell is taking no prisoners in his rivalry with Ginimbi.

The socialite has decided to bring the fight right on Ginimbi’s doorstep in a series of scathing leaked chats containing damning evidence about Ginimbi’s fuel smuggling activities.

Wicknell alleges that Ginimbi is running a fuel smuggling scheme which gives him a staggering R3 million a week. Wicknell claims Ginimbi’s ‘gas’ business is just a cover up for a more sinister business operation.

The socialite has also distanced himself from the fraud allegations Ginimbi tried to get him prosecuted for vehemently denying he was involved and the case was solved amicably.

Below is the series of leaked chats, it seems Operation Destroy Ginimbi is now underway.



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