President Mnangagwa visits veteran prophet who predicted winner of 2018 elections last year


President Emmerson Mnangagwa is today expected to pay a courtesy call on the prophet — popularly known as Mudzidzi Wimbo (Wimbo) — who prophesied that he “needed assistance” for him to become Zimbabwe’s leader.

Following the October 2015 prophecy, the 75-year-old politician dramatically assumed power from deposed Robert Mugabe, who had led Zimbabwe for 37 years, after a military-shepherded “Operation Restore Legacy” in November last year.

Yesterday, Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha told the Daily News that Mnangagwa will be meeting Mudzidzi Wimbo — real name Aaron Mhukuta — who leads the Johanne Masowe weVadzidzi apostolic church.

“He is coming here and we are preparing for the visit…and this again is yet another message to the so-called new alliance between (former vice president Joice) Mujuru and Grace (Mugabe) that they will not succeed,” he said, adding “we are now breathing fresh air in Mashonaland Province”.

“This visit puts a nail on the coffin for Generation 40 faction… Mashonaland Central is proud to host the province,” Dinha said.

Party insiders told this paper that Mnangagwa will be at Wimbo’s shrine and is expected to “receive blessings” from the enigmatic church leader, who is regarded in high esteem by those inclined to spiritualism in the ruling Zanu PF.

In the summer visit, Mnangagwa was told by the frail Wimbo — said to have predicted Mugabe’s ascendency to president in 1957, way before the country’s independence — to follow him around the shrine, even though the 95-year-old prophet had initially said that he was neither going to speak nor perform any duties, before he started to prophesy while in some kind of trance.

Then, Wimbo walked with so much difficulty that it required two men to support him as he hobbled around the shrine, with Mnangagwa following.

Speaking through an interpreter, Wimbo said: “Anoda kubatsirwa, angazvigona seiko ari oga. Handizive kuti ndoita zvipiko. Vari kunditeera nditeverei nekuno (Mnangagwa needs help as he can’t do anything on his own. I don’t know what I should do to help him).”

Fast forward to November last year, Mnangagwa was down and out, and only returned home from exile riding on the coattails of the military which rolled tanks into the streets and besieged homes of his rivals in the dismantled G40 faction, including Mugabe’s heavily fortified “Blue Roof” private mansion.

The famous seer — who has been subjected to significant abuse in the brawling ruling party over the past few years, as the former liberation movement’s major factions fought to control him — had apparently prophesied earlier last year that a new leader would emerge in Zimbabwe after the 2018 eagerly-anticipated national elections.

“He has made another prophesy that a new leader will emerge next year, but did not give names. However, he said the new leader is not among the current favourites who are engaged in Zanu PF’s succession battles, but is an outsider,” one of the sources at the secretive church said.

Having correctly predicted Mugabe’s rise to the throne in 1957, Wimbo has emerged as an influential and much-sought-after cult figure in Zanu PF — with party bigwigs firmly of the belief that he will anoint the former liberation movement’s next leader.

“The prophet said the person who will next lead Zimbabwe will have a ‘foreign name’ and that there will be great suffering in the country for some months. He also predicted that the army will intervene in politics,” another source claimed.

– Dailynews

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