Popular pastor chases wife of 9 years away after his illicit affair with tenant was unearthed


A HEARTFELT Ministries pastor based in Kuwadzana is alleged to have dumped his partially blind wife and married another pastor’s daughter.

Pastor John Chadzuka, 40, popularly known as ‘apostle’ in Kuwadzana, forced his wife of nine years Naume Gokoko, 43, to leave his house after his illicit affair with their tenant Charity Tembo, 29, was unearthed.

Charity, who is daughter to a Glad Tidings pastor, stopped paying her rentals to Naume when she started a love affair with Pastor Chakudza.


The Kuwadzana neighbourhood is awash with the story and it has reached both Glad Tidings and Heartfelt ministries leadership forcing Charity and Pastor Chadzuka not to attend church services.

Pastor Chadzuka confirmed taking Charity as his wife arguing that Naume was demanding maintenance while he is living with her.

“I was left with no choice after my wife collected all her belongings in December last year and that is when I started living with Charity who was one of our tenants,” said Pastor Chadzuka.

“My wife dragged me to civil court and demanded maintenance so this disturbed me and I could not live without a wife that is why I took Charity to be my wife.

“The issue has since reached to our senior church leaders but I have since stopped going to church because Naume took the issue as well to Charity’s church leaders,” said Pastor Chadzuka standing by Charity’s side during the interview.

Charity confirmed dating Pastor Chadzuka saying it was the only solution to deal with Naume who was very proud of being a landlord.

“Akazviwana zvaaida. Naume aivhaira nekutambira mari dzemaroja achindishainira ndikatombomuyambira,” said Charity.


“I was one of the senior tenants here that I have forgotten how many years I have been living here so I knew everything that was going on.

“After she collected her belongings I moved on with Pastor Chadzuka and she tried in vain to tarnish my image by taking the issue to my church leaders and my father who is a pastor.

“I have since stopped going to church because of people gossiping about this story,” said Charity.

Naume narrated to H-Metro how Pastor Chadzuka would sneak from their bedroom to have quality time with Charity lying that he was watching soccer at the shopping centre.

“My husband started to collect money from tenants so that Charity would not pay and I want to believe that it started when he started dating her,” said Naume.

“Since I am partially blind, my husband would lie that he was not in Charity’s house but to be honest with you my hearing is very sharp.

“I can hear the sounds of my plates and dishes so as house doors so I would hear the sound of Charity’s door closing and my husband coming to the bedroom.

“After confronting Charity over dating my husband she threatened me with unspecified action and my husband would not give me any dollar forcing me to approach civil courts for maintenance.

“He has never paid this maintenance and I collected my belongings after he dumped me to live with Charity in my bedroom,” said Naume.

– HMetro

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