High drama as man sneaks into married girlfriend’s bedroom, fondles her husband’s penis by mistake

James Makore

In a recent court case before Acting Chief Saunyama’s jurisdiction, a peculiar incident unfolded involving a Nyanga man and a married couple. The husband, James Makore, accused his wife, Euna Vhere, and her lover, Simbarashe Chikata, of taking advantage of his hearing impairment to engage in intimate encounters in his presence.

According to Makore, the truth came to light when Chikata mistakenly caressed his private parts, mistaking him for Vhere. Startled by the unexpected touch, Makore managed to grab hold of Chikata’s shirt before he could escape, presenting it as evidence in court.

Vhere confirmed the incident and explained that Chikata had believed she was alone at home, unaware that Makore had returned early that night. She refuted the claim that she and Chikata frequently shared a bed with her husband, asserting that it was an isolated occurrence due to the mistaken assumption that Makore was absent.

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“It is not true that Chikata and I would on many occasions sleep on the same bed with my husband. This only happened on that particular night because Chikata did not know that my husband was home early.

“My husband usually comes home late from his usual beer drinking sprees, and that is why I hooked up with Chikata. When Chikata came that particular night, he removed his clothes, got into bed and caressed my husband. All hell broke loose,” she said.

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Vhere divulged a deeper issue within their relationship, stating that Makore had been neglecting her sexually for the past 15 years. She claimed that she had to forcefully engage in intimacy with him to conceive their three children, as he showed no interest in such matters. Vhere went on to reveal that after informing Makore’s relatives about the situation, they exacerbated the problem by taking him to Harare, where she had limited access to him.

“For the past 15 years, I have never enjoyed quality intimacy with my husband. All his relatives know that for us to conceive our three children, I had to force myself on him. In short, I had to rape him, otherwise our children would not be here today.

“He just does not care about intimacy. I told my husband the truth after he caught Chikata in our bed. I told him that he was sexually starving me. When I approached his relatives and told them about this, they compounded the situation by taking him to Harare where I had no access to him.

During his stay in Harare with his brother’s family, Makore and Vhere were made to sleep in separate rooms. Unable to bear the separation, Vhere left Harare the following morning. Left feeling desperate, she sought companionship with Chikata, who not only provided emotional support but also assisted her financially in purchasing construction materials for their house.

Vhere expressed remorse for her actions, confessing her love for Makore and requesting his forgiveness. She acknowledged the difficulties of enduring a sexless marriage and emphasized her commitment to their relationship. However, Makore firmly declared that he was done with their marriage, demanding three cattle as compensation from Vhere and Chikata.

Acting Chief Saunyama intervened and ordered Vhere to compensate her husband with either one beast or six goats, while admonishing her for engaging in a relationship with another man without seeking a divorce first. The chief also reprimanded Makore’s relatives for their failure to assist in resolving the couple’s marital issues when Vhere sought their help.

This case sheds light on the complexities of relationships and the consequences of neglecting intimacy within a marriage. It serves as a reminder that open communication and seeking appropriate solutions are crucial for maintaining a healthy and harmonious partnership.

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