Total chaos as Chitungwiza family builds blair toilet in their yard

File Pic: Blair toilet

Chitungwiza Community Faces Health Hazards as Sewer Bursts Worsen

The Chitungwiza community is grappling with a grave challenge caused by frequent sewer bursts, which residents allege stem from a lack of council water supply in the area. As a result, one family in Unit O, Seke, has resorted to constructing a makeshift toilet in their backyard due to the malfunctioning of the main latrine connected to the municipal sewer system, which has become clogged. However, this temporary solution has raised concerns among residents regarding hygiene and potential health risks.

The family in question has erected a tent structure in their backyard, serving as both a bathroom and a toilet. Unfortunately, the arrangement has created an overpowering stench and attracted flies, which can transmit waterborne diseases. The unsanitary conditions and the presence of flies have disrupted the comfort and well-being of neighbouring households, resulting in a growing sense of worry and unease.

A concerned neighbour shared their distress, highlighting the impact on their daily lives. They expressed how the pervasive smell originating from the nearby makeshift toilet has made it difficult to enjoy meals comfortably, while occasional visits from flies have become an unwelcome intrusion. Recognizing the potential dangers associated with the family’s actions, the neighbour called upon the local council to intervene and address the pressing issue.

Residents in the affected community are appealing to the council authorities to take swift action in resolving the ongoing sewer burst problem. It is crucial for the council to not only address the immediate issue of the malfunctioning sewer system but also provide a sustainable solution to ensure the well-being and safety of all residents. Timely intervention is necessary to mitigate health hazards and maintain a hygienic living environment for the entire Chitungwiza community.

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