Overcrowding crisis hits Ingutsheni Central Hospital as mental patients outnumber available beds!


Ingutsheni Central Hospital, located in Bulawayo, is facing a significant challenge as it admits more patients than its carrying capacity can accommodate.

Dr. Nemache Mawere, the hospital’s CEO, highlighted this issue during the World Mental Health Day commemorations held at the facility. He revealed that the number of patients currently exceeds the hospital’s capacity.

Dr. Mawere emphasized that the majority of mental health patients at Ingutsheni Central Hospital are men. The patient population is dynamic, with fluctuations occurring daily. Presently, the hospital is accommodating approximately 650 patients. However, this has led to overwhelming conditions in the hospital’s wards, as the number of patients surpasses the available beds.

For instance, the Khumalo ward, designed for 76 beds, currently houses 180 patients. Similarly, the forensic ward, with a capacity of 60 beds, is accommodating 70 patients. This overcrowding poses significant challenges in providing adequate care and treatment to all patients.

Dr. Mawere also expressed concerns about the lack of support from families of the patients. The hospital faces difficulties when families fail to provide the necessary support to their relatives undergoing treatment. In response, Ingutsheni Central Hospital actively engages in follow-ups and ongoing communication with families to ensure that patients receive the support they need for their mental health journey.

The hospital’s management is grappling with the pressing issue of limited capacity as they strive to provide quality care to all patients. Addressing the overcrowding problem and garnering increased family involvement are crucial aspects that need to be addressed to improve the overall mental health services provided by Ingutsheni Central Hospital.

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