Behind the scenes drama: Chicco speaks on Silent Killer’s drug addiction allegations


Silent Killer’s publicist denies drug addiction allegations made by former manager

Silent Killer, the renowned chanter, has found himself at the center of controversy as his former manager, Elder Shambare, accused him of being hooked on drugs and exhibiting unmanageable behaviour.

However, the artist’s publicist, Chicco Barrack, has vehemently denied these allegations, stating that they are false.

In an exclusive interview with H-Metro, Elder Shambare claimed that Silent Killer’s erratic and unmanageable conduct was a result of drug addiction. However, Barrack dismissed these claims, suggesting that the accusations may have stemmed from a misunderstanding.

False claims, have you ever heard achinzi asungwa over drug issues?” questioned Barrack.

“We had some internal misunderstandings and Elder Shambare is still family.

“He only withdrew from management, but hapana bad blood,” clarified Barrack.

Throughout this year, Silent Killer has emerged as one of the most influential artists in the country. His provocative punchlines have made waves on social media and grabbed headlines. However, this has also led to divided opinions among the public. While some individuals on social media are calling for the chanter’s rehabilitation, others believe that he is doing fine.

As the debate surrounding Silent Killer’s alleged drug addiction unfolds, it remains crucial to separate fact from speculation. The publicist’s denial of the claims made by the artist’s former manager adds a new layer to the ongoing story. Only time will reveal the true nature of Silent Killer’s situation and whether he will address the allegations directly.

In the meantime, fans and observers alike will continue to monitor developments closely, hoping for clarity and resolution regarding the talented artist’s well-being and future endeavours.

Below are some reactions from social media users:

You don’t need to tell us, it’s obvious and very clear that he needs urgent help. – Reader.


“Anoda help ku H-Metro here? Iwe ukaita chifambi ndonowudza ve H-Metro ndinenge ndakubatsira here? If he cared about him hazive kuma rehabilitation centre nekune ma-counsellors? – Thulani Ncube Maphosa.


Murikudaro but paanozotanga kupenga sezvakange zvakuita umwe artist recently motanga kunyepera kunzwa tsitsi. – Rutendo.


Musapesvedzera zvisina basa he needs to go ku-rehab. – Reader.


It’s evident, dude needs help. – Carlton Bovana.


He should have disassociated with him long back, Silent Killer is useless. – Albert Stan Rwakonda.


“Aaah Shambare musadaro kokungotsvaga kuti mobatsirawo munhu sei zvamakazviona time yamanga muinaye, musadaro. – Mai Maka Kaswa.


Musapembedze ma drugs hamusi kuona kuti anoda help. – Bellar Ranganai.

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