Victoria Falls residents rejoice as CID officer is arrested in major robbery crackdown


Bulawayo detective and accomplice arrested in Victoria Falls robbery syndicate bust

Police in Victoria Falls have apprehended two suspects, including a detective from Bulawayo, believed to be part of a notorious robbery syndicate that has been causing fear among residents for several months. The gang targeted homes, breaking in and stealing valuable belongings, while some victims were subjected to violent attacks.

The swift response from police came after a resident alerted them to suspicious activity last Thursday evening. The resident spotted five individuals attempting to scale a precast wall and force open his window at around 10 pm. The incident prompted an emergency call, leading to the subsequent arrest.

These arrests come as Victoria Falls residents have been living in fear due to a surge in burglaries in recent times. In response to the growing concern, community leaders in the low-density suburb have organized a neighbourhood watch group. Meanwhile, the police have increased night patrols to enhance security in the area.

The suspects, identified as Wellington Ndoro (36), a detective attached to the Criminal Investigations Department at ZRP Nkulumane, and Felias Mvula (54) from Mzilikazi in Bulawayo, appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Mr Gift Manyika, facing charges of attempted robbery. They have been remanded in custody until December 29.

According to the prosecution, the accused were apprehended following a high-speed chase with the police. Their four alleged accomplices are still at large.

“On 14 December 2023 at around 10 pm, the accused and four others who are still at large connived to rob the complainant. Acting in common purpose they drove to a house located along Courtney Selous Road in Victoria Falls,” she said.

“Upon arrival, they tried to force open the complainant’s sitting room window. Upon seeing the police reaction team they fled from the scene and got into their getaway car, a Toyota Corolla with South Africa number plates and sped off.”

The gang is believed to have travelled in two separate groups on the day of the incident. Ndoro was driving the getaway vehicle with one of the accomplices, while Mvula and the other gang members travelled by bus before regrouping in Victoria Falls.

They then targeted a house in the low-density suburb, where they attempted to scale the precast wall. However, alert occupants heard the commotion and immediately alerted both the neighbourhood watch and the police patrol teams. The authorities swiftly arrived at the scene, disrupting the gang’s plans before they could enter the house.

Realizing the police were closing in on them, the suspects fled, scaling the wall once again and dispersing in different directions. Ndoro, who had remained in the getaway car, attempted to escape at high speed with one accomplice. However, the police pursued them relentlessly. Eventually, the suspects abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot in a desperate bid to evade capture.

Ndoro was eventually found hiding in a nearby yard, while Mvula was discovered concealed in a storm drain.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Ndoro was a member of the police force, serving in the Criminal Investigations Department in Nkulumane. He had recently been transferred from Gwanda.

The arrest of these two suspects brings some relief to the residents of Victoria Falls, who can now rest a little easier knowing that progress is being made in dismantling the robbery syndicate that has plagued their community. The efforts of the neighbourhood watch and the increased police patrols demonstrate a united front against crime and a commitment to maintaining the security of the area.

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