Nasty divorce exposes gold baron’s vast wealth


A suspected gold baron in Bulawayo, Kudakwashe Kurai Muzira, is entangled in a nasty divorce wrangle with his wife which has allegedly exposed his vast wealth such as properties in Bulawayo’s affluent suburbs.

The gold dealer’s wife Nyashadzashe Muzira who also runs a salon in the city centre, in her affidavit filed at the Bulawayo High Court under case Number HC2626/17, says she married Kurai on 9 February 2010 at the Tredgold, Bulawayo in terms of Chapter 5:11 of the Marriages Act and the marriage still subsists.

She, however, stated that she had since lost love and affection for Kurai. The hearing date is yet to be set.

Nyashadzashe through her lawyers Dube-Banda, Nzarayapenga and Partners, stated that the marriage relationship between the parties had irretrievably broken down to such an extent that there were no prospects or chances for a restoration.

“The marriage relationship between the parties has irretrievably broken down to such an extent that there are no prospects or chances for a restoration more specifically in that, the respondent has engaged in an illicit adulterous relationship with one Primrose Dube Martins who has even sired a child with the defendant.

“The defendant is physically and verbally abusive towards the plaintiff even in the presence of the children to the extent that a domestic violence case was opened against him after defendant had physically abused plaintiff and almost ran her over with a motor vehicle resulting in her sustaining serious injuries,” reads part of the plaintiff’s declaration.

It further reads: “Defendant is so irresponsible to the extent that he is in so much debt and has embarked on a spree of plundering matrimonial property at whim with a calculated intention of making sure plaintiff and the children become destitute. Parties have now not lived together as husband and wife for four months as same have separated amense ethono.

“Plaintiff has lost all love and affection for defendant as defendant’s conduct has not changed despite all counselling and forgiveness she has extended for years therefore she does not wish to remain married to the defendant”.

Kurai’s wife wants him to pay their children’s school fees, to buy uniforms and to cater for all the educational needs including entertainment costs as well as holiday expenses twice a year.

On the matrimonial assets, she said during the subsistence of the marriage the parties acquired the following property:

  • Stand Number 1337 Mahatshula North, Bulawayo
  • Number 3 Sir James McDonald Kumalo, Bulawayo
  • Stand Number 3199 Jahunda Township, Gwanda
  • Number 68055 Sizinda, Bulawayo
  • Stand Number 14652 Inungu Road, Selborne Park, Bulawayo
  • Stand Number 5 Breeze Road Waterford, Bulawayo
  • Stand Number 7 Breeze Road, Waterford, Bulawayo
  • Stand Number 5851 Barham Green, Bulawayo
  • Plot 5 Ward Cloop Farm, Nyamandlovu
  • Five roomed homestead, Chivi
  • Indaba Mine East A Fanghlan Ballagh Umguza registered under 47432, Insitu is a Bow Mill and a hammer mill,
  • Coronation Mine.

She states that she wanted the property shared equally taking notice of the fact that her husband out of greed sold stands Number 5851 Braham Green, Number 68055 Sizinda, and Number 1337 in Mahatshula North.

Henceforth, she wants the court to award her stands Number 14652 Inungu Road, Selborne Park, Number 7 Breeze Road, Waterford, Number 3199 Jahunda Township, Gwanda and a Toyota Avensis registration ADY 1424 among other matrimonial property.

Nyashadzashe also seeks an order to have Number 3 Sir James McDonald in Kumalo to be transferred into their two children’s names and get $5 000 per month as maintenance until they attain the age of 18.

– BMetro

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