Popular actress and radio personality Tinopona Katsande opens up about life after her ‘boring’ se_x tape leaked


Popular Zimbabwean actress and radio personality Tinopona Katsande has opened up on life after her infamous bedroom video that saw her being fired from Zi-FM.

Tin Tin has since been rehired-five years later-and she will be hosting a show called Formation, starting Sunday the 18th of February 2018.

The actress-who seems to have found Jesus- in a lengthy Facebook post, narrated her trials and tribulations after the unceremonious departure from the fast lane. She revealed how she was so broke that she couldn’t afford bread and had to resort to raw avocados to ease hunger pangs.

Below is her post

About restoration

Five years ago I was fired from my job as a co anchor on the breakfast show on one of Zims biggest commercial radio station for a leaked se_x tape that went viral on social media. Albeit I was a victim of #revengeporn , I was one hundred percent responsible for any and all consequences that were to follow. I blamed no one but myself. Yes I had shot the se_x tape several years prior to it leaking with my then boyfriend believing Ofcause that it would always remain between just the two of us but things took a wrong turn. I was devastated. I was at the helm of my career then in radio broadcasting earning a handsome salary and loved by all. I was the shining star in my family, the envy of friends and foe alike. I woke up to a new day everyday with zest and compassion knowing I had a responsibility to use the radio platform to brighten up someone’s day. Then the curtain came down. I literally went from hero to zero in the blink of an eye. I lost everything. I lost integrity, I lost my image, I lost my reputation, I lost my pride and ofcause I lost my source of income. I went from eating lavish meals in any restaurant I wanted (usually on someone else’s tab might I add lol. It’s all part of the fame package you see so embrace it when it comes) to eating raw avos from the tree in my back yard because I couldn’t even afford a loaf of bread. Shame and embarrassment ruled my roost for months I shyed away in my bedroom too distraught to even respond to the few family and friends who perpetually reached out to me to help me out where when and how they could.

I had hit rock bottom and the only thing I could do was look up, for by HIS GRACE in all the darkness I never forgot that I had an awesome Creator who although seemed silent at the time, I knew HE had not forsaken me. HIS word which I read ferventently reassured me that if I remained steadfast in my faith in HIS work and HIS promises HE would lead me to green pastures again. It took a bit of a while but slowly and speedily I began to pull myself up and out of my self-made dungeon. I accepted my reality of the situation then and opened up to getting the help I needed to keep moving forward. I began to live again. I knew no corporate wanted to touch me anymore at that time. I knew getting a gig on any other radio station was a complete waste of my time at that time regardless how brilliant I was. I knew I had to turn to my other talents that God gave me and other skills I had acquired over the years to find a way to sustain a decent livelihood after all I couldn’t possibilly depend on the kindness of those dear to me to go on for too long. I did hair, I did and taught nails. I started facilitating tv presenting and radio presenting workshops. I turned my backyard into a mini horticulture farm. Slowly but surely things began to fall into place but still…. my heart was broken. All I wanted really was to get back to my radio job that I so loved and cherished. My career in broadcasting was everything to me and EVERYDAY for 5 five years my prayer had something to do with ” Jehovah mundirangarirewo pabasa pangu. Ndidzosereyi to my rightful position”. For five years HE seemed still but I knew HE was not deaf. Along the way attempts were made to get me back on air on several platforms but all turned out futile. I DIDN’T LOSE HOPE!

Today I stand before man in absolute awe of God’s faithfulness to me YET AGAIN. Starting this Sunday the 18th of February 2018 I am back on radio on the same radio station with my own show. Yes my fb friends and family I AM BACK doing what I do best – being a phenomenal vivacious radio presenter. I GOT MY SECOND CHANCE and I’m running with it.

Words fail me when I want to thank all you who have stood by me through the ups and downs of it all. Some I know personaly, some only through our unity on this platform and some who have stood quietly but loyally in the terraces. You know who you are I cannot possibly name you one by one , but to each and everyone of you I say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. As I write this tears of infinitive gratitude are pouring down my cheeks. MWARI wedu wenyasha arambe achikurangarireyi in all you do. Amen

To those going through any type of darkness right now please please allow my journey of restoration to be a testimony to you. We ALL faulter ,we are but human , but we ALL have the capacity to rise up again.Never ever count yourself out because of a bad situation you are in.

Remain steadfast in your prayer and faith. The world will judge yes and that’s okay but know that the decision comes from above. I’m far from perfect and yes I still err in the rightful path of my CREATOR but I’m a better human being for it. I will continue to try and do what pleases HIM. That’s what lifes about. Just keep aiming to be better and above all never give up in what you want and believe in.

– iHarare

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