Late national figure Morgan Tsvangirai’s most famous quotes


From the day I was born, there has always existed a huge disconnect between the stories often told by the elite and those I hear from ordinary people about our country although we live in the places; and witness the same events around us. (Remarks at the launch of his book At the Deep End)

  • “I certainly believe that the whole nation will become disgusted by this kangaroo court.”
  • “We do not want to put people deliberately in harm’s way because of the current lack of accountability in government.”
  • “We will not be party to any Caesarian operation by South Africa. We are not going to have short-cuts . . . and force issues on Zimbabweans.”
  • “We have absolutely no intention of abandoning the people when we have come to the closing hours of what has been a long and difficult journey toward democratic change.”
  • “Zanu PF is preoccupied with establishing a Senate while ignoring critical national issues that need attention.”
  • “One wonders whether the party thinks it can run the country like a kindergarten centre.”
  • “The (Movement for Democratic Change) will no longer sit back and watch our supporters being killed. . . . We shall take this violence to their doorstep.”
  • “The people are now crying for peace and national healing.”
  • “The editorial policies of the State newspapers and the State broadcaster has remained partisan and unreformed, and the media field remains dominated by the same partisan state players.”
  • “There is a greater and thicker plot around this issue which has undermined my confidence in this relationship. The marriage has been hijacked and there is an apparent active political hand that is now driving the processes. State security agents have weighed in to force and direct proceedings, which has resulted in everything regarding this relationship now taking place on camera. The intention is clear: to inflict maximum damage on my person and character for political gain.” (Speaking of his divorce from Locardia Karimatsenga)
  • “We do not want to put people deliberately in harm’s way because of the current lack of accountability in government.”
  • “Yes, they brutalised my flesh. But they will never break my spirit. I will soldier on until Zimbabwe is free.” (After he was brutally assaulted by State agents)
  • “For too long, our people’s hopes for a bright and prosperous future have been betrayed. Instead of hope, their days have been filled with starvation, disease and fear. A culture of entitlement and impunity has brought our nation to the brink of a dark abyss. This must end today”. (Inauguration speech as Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister)
  • “Economic collapse has forced millions of our most able to flee the country seeking menial jobs, for which they are often overqualified but underpaid. They have had to leave their children behind to be cared for by the elderly, who do not have the resources to feed them and watch in despair as these flowers of our nation wilt and die. This must end today.” (Inauguration speech as Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister)
  • “We have nothing to show for our independence, except overwhelming poverty.”
  • “That lesson is never to take the people for granted.” (Speech at the launch of the MDC Alliance)
  • “What we want to tell you Mugabe today is that please go peacefully, if you do not go peacefully, we will remove you violently. We want peace in this country and we want national healing.”
  • “After intense debate and discussion, whereupon the guiding question was whether we compromise with or take on the Zanu PF dictatorship . . . the council resolved to stay out of the Zanu PF senate project.”
  • “There are people in this country who have been killed, raped and assaulted and we’re saying the government must take responsibility.”
  • “Mugabe has no option but to go.”
  • “Murikuti murikushaiwa chikafu? Muchashaisisa chaizvo chaizvo.”

– NewsDay

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