Nationwide Blitz: 286 touts arrested in major anti-mushikashika operation


Nationwide crackdown on touts and mushikashika yields 1,298 arrests

In a resolute effort to combat the menace of touts and the dangerous practice of Mushikashika, law enforcement agencies in Zimbabwe carried out a comprehensive operation on May 29, 2024.

The operation, aptly named “No to Mushikashika and Touts,” resulted in the arrest of a staggering 286 individuals across the country. These latest detentions have brought the cumulative number of arrests to a striking 1,298, showcasing the government’s unwavering commitment to maintaining public safety and order.

The operation primarily targeted touts, who often engage in illegal activities and create chaos in urban areas. These individuals, notorious for their aggressive behaviour and harassment of commuters, contribute to lawlessness and pose significant risks to public transport systems. By apprehending 286 touts in one day, the authorities have sent a strong message that such acts will not be tolerated, and the rule of law will prevail.

Simultaneously, the operation also aimed to curb the perilous practice of Mushikashika, which involves the unauthorized use of private vehicles for public transportation purposes. This illegal activity not only compromises passenger safety but also undermines the formal transport sector. During the operation, a total of 828 arrests were made on motorists caught engaging in Mushikashika, further bolstering the government’s resolve to eradicate this hazardous behaviour from Zimbabwe’s roads.

The cumulative figure of 1,298 arrests from the combined efforts against touts and Mushikashika highlights the scale of the challenge faced by law enforcement agencies in combating these issues. It also serves as a testament to their determination to restore order and protect citizens from the disruptive and unlawful activities of touts and Mushikashika drivers.

The crackdown on touts and Mushikashika has been met with broad support from the public, who have long suffered the negative consequences of these practices. Commuters, in particular, have often found themselves at the mercy of touts, enduring verbal abuse, intimidation, and even physical assault. Similarly, the unauthorized use of private vehicles for public transportation has jeopardized passenger safety and placed an unfair burden on the formal transport sector.

As the nation continues its drive for social and economic development, the eradication of touts and Mushikashika is crucial for fostering a safe and orderly environment. The government’s commitment to this cause is evident through the sustained efforts of law enforcement agencies to apprehend individuals involved in these unlawful activities. By upholding the principles of justice and maintaining law and order, Zimbabwe is taking significant strides toward a more secure and prosperous future.

It is clear that the resolve to clamp down on touts and Mushikashika remains strong, and the authorities stand unwavering in their commitment to creating a safer and more harmonious society for all Zimbabweans.

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