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An Ecocash dealer in Masvingo was left shell-shocked when US$400 he had in his cashbox allegedly turned into billions of Zim dollars soon after a client who had cashed in US$100 had disappeared.

Munyaradzi Chaurura who operates Caravan Ecocash Shop in Hillside Suburb in Masvingo said what bewildered him more is that even the man's details that had been entered into the Ecocash register both electronically and in hard copy disappeared.

The incident happened on Friday last week and Chaurura showed the Zim dollars to our news crew.

"Our girl who is a shopkeeper here had $300 in the vault and a man driving a T35 truck came and cashed in $100 and she took down all his details as per procedure and he left. After some time another man came and tried to cash out $49, when she opened the cash box that is when she realised there were now billions of Zimbabwe dollars and the US dollars were gone," said Chaurura, the owner of Caravan Investments.

"All the details of the gentleman disappeared and she only remembered that his ID number started with 75. She phoned me crying uncontrollably about the situation and I rushed back. I then  went to Econet to verify the transaction but there was no such transaction, I was left speechless up to now it is difficult for me to believe what happened," added Chaurura.

Chaurura said he could not make a Police report because there is no accused person and there is no evidence of any transaction that took place.

The Zimbabwe dollar notes had serial numbers and had 50 and 25 billion denominations.

"I will consult a sangoma or faith healers because that is the only route available for me," said Chaurura.

It is said that this is the second time such an incident has happened in Masvingo although this could not be independently confirmed.

He said when he got hold of the Zim dollars they were wet with an oily liquid that looked like wax.

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