Gogo Tsvangirai vs Elizabeth drama continues in Buhera


MORGAN Tsvangirai’s wife, Elizabeth Tsvangirai faces a tough decision ahead of the former Prime Minister’s burial in rural Buhera today.

Tsvangirai’s mother caused a scene at the One Commando Barracks on Saturday as she protested the presence of Liz and MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa (he was referred to as vice-president during President Mnangagwa’s visit to the deceased’s home).

While efforts have been made to make her soften her stance, Mbuya Tsvangirai on Saturday threatened to commit suicide if daughter-in-law Liz attended the funeral wake and there are fears things might turn ugly in Buhera.

The funeral has heightened factional fighting in the opposition MDC-T party where Liz is linked with the faction led by the seemingly popular Nelson Chamisa who is also blacklisted by the Tsvangirai family.

Chamisa who led the party’s leadership that addressed supporters outside their Harvest House headquarters also travel to Buhera where sources suggested he would not be granted a platform to address mourners at the burial.

It is the involvement of Chamisa in this saga that has created a mess for Liz and the Tsvangirai family and there is an argument that this would have been chaotic had government not taken charge of key processes during the state-assisted funeral.

The 40-year-old Chamisa is very popular on social media, a platform dominated by fellow youths, and most users have been venting their anger at Mbuya Tsvangirai for the way she has treated Liz.

Although Mbuya Tsvangirai versus Liz would have been a family issue, analysis on the whole saga has been shaped around the MDC-T factional fights pitting Chamisa, Thokozani Khupe and Elias Mudzuri.

Amid the uncertainties that await Liz in Buhera, yesterday H-Metro spoke to pastors, social and religious analysts who expressed their opinions on Mbuya Tsvangirai’s drama.

Pastors have urged people to have a spirit of human incarnation and allow Tsvangirai’s soul to rest in peace.

New United Apostolic church pastor, Rosemary Mangwanya said no one should take his or her own life saying suicide is a curse.

“Committing suicide is a sign of being cursed by God since he is the giver and taker of life and those who threatens to commit suicide are inviting a curse to the family.

“Muroora haatukwe nekuti ndiAmai saka Mbuya Tsvangirai havangadzinge Elizabeth sezvo ivo vari muroorawo kwaTsvangirai,” said Pastor Mangwanya.

“The Holy Bible teaches us not to conduct any burial service or have time to mourn anyone who takes their own life and they must be buried on the same day.

“According to culture if anyone hangs themself on a tree, that tree has to be cut off.

“I remember very well when I was young, police officers who came to collect the body of teacher who had committed suicide beat up the body before bundling it into the vehicle.

“One of the reason people should have time to meet others at churches is to give them opportunity to have faith by hearing the word of life and have hope in their lives.

“As church I urge the Tsvangirai family to engage spiritual leaders to help them in solving issues other than leaving Mbuya Tsvangirai with suicidal thoughts,” said Pastor Mangwanya.

Social and religious analyst, Benjamin Ganyiwa said man can live for some days without taking food but cannot live for some minutes without hope.

“It is a sin to take your own life and according to custom, clothes of one who commits suicide must not be distributed with a belief that the spirit can haunt many in the family,” said Ganyiwa.

“Those who bury the person who commits suicide must not be welcomed in the village quickly but wonder in the bush to allow the spirit to leave them vanonzi vakuvisi saka havakutwe.

“Losing hope is very dangerous that one cannot live for some minutes although one can survive by not taking food for some days.

“Many people who threaten to commit suicide will not be serious because level of critical thinking is lost by one who commits suicide munotoona atozviuraya.

“We are allowed to announce our birth day but not allowed, according to custom to announce how you want to die and when you want to die,” said Ganyiwa.

Destiny of Africa Network founder, Reverend Obediah Musindo warned people posting negative things about Mbuya Tsvangirai saying she has to be excused since she is of old age.

“People must not be quick to give negative comments on Mbuya Tsvangirai. They must understand that she is old, in pain and grieving so anything can come from her mouth apart from crying,” said Rev Musindo.

“Her threats are uncalled for but I want to believe there are some people with hidden agendas who are fooling her to say this and that.

“MDC is a party and does not belong to Tsvangirai’s family, it’s not a family item where one can say I do not want to see this one.

“I want to warn those fooling Mbuya Tsvangirai to utter words in order to settle their scores that it is a taboo to play around with old people in such a manner. Vanozvitsvagira kurohwa naMwari ngavaonekane navaTsvangirai zvakanaka, murunyararo.

“Tsvangirai had all the powers to divorce Elizabeth if he had any differences with her but he died considering Elizabeth as his eligible wife.

“If there are issues it is better to meet as families and discuss them other than encouraging people to attack others to the extent of using old people.

“People must target criminal elements around Mbuya Tsvangirai and those who are after making noise about dividing the Tsvangirai family,” said Rev Musindo.

Another pastor who declined to be named said people should respect the dead by not attending burial services to cause chaos but pray and participate putting on shoes of human incarnation.

– HMetro

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