A MAN will receive back $2,580 he paid in lobola after his wife was impregnated by another man, a court ruled yesterday.

Orient Jani sued his father-in-law, Noel Mucheche, to recover his money after betrayal by his wife. Jani, of Zimre Park in Harare, was furious after learning that Nataly Mucheche two-timed him with Obert Karombo, who got her pregnant.

He told Harare magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa that the $2,580 was a part payment, and he planned to wed Nataly as soon as he had settled the outstanding fees.

Jani told the court that he had paid $765 for various items charged as part of the lobola.

Upon requesting to have a wedding with Mucheche's daughter, they demanded some money upfront.

In May, Jani sent them $1,540 from South Africa where he was working and was allowed to prepare for the wedding.

The court heard that Mucheche accepted the bride price despite the fact that his daughter was involved in an affair with another man.

Jani also said that he incurred transport costs to the tune of $829 coming to Zimbabwe to pay the bride price.

He went on to demand his reimbursement of $3,409 for lobola and transport costs from Mucheche who refused to refund him.

Mucheche tried in vain to defend himself by citing that Jani should get his reimbursement from the alleged boyfriend, Karombo.

Magistrate Gofa, after much deliberations, ruled that Mucheche should hand back the money to Jani.

"Evidence is very clear that Jani was to be handed his wife on the wedding day. Even though Mucheche tried by all means to dispute the assertion, the two never stayed together as husband and wife. The law has shown that a son-in-law can claim back the lobola he paid from his in-law where the alleged wife is at wrong. Accordingly, Jani's claim is allowed in the sum of $2,580 plus costs," she said.

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