Woman tormented after dumping man she persuaded to abandon wife


A MARRIED Bulawayo man is accused of sneaking from his house at night armed with a knife and axe while going to his ex-lover’s place to allegedly force her to sleep with him as punishment for wrecking his first marriage.

Mthelisi Masuku who is now married for the second time is reportedly tormenting his ex-lover Nina Khani by frequenting her place at night while pestering her for se_x.

Masuku’s terrifying night se_x and knife attacks were exposed by Khani at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a protection order against him.

Khani said she was now living in fear because of her ex-lover’s violent behaviour and late night se_x attacks.

“I am the applicant in this matter and I am seeking a protection order against my ex-lover of three years Mthelisi Masuku. We separated after he started being violent towards me.

“Despite the fact that we are no longer together he comes to my place to beat me up. He is also threatening to kill me as he is always coming to my place at night armed with an axe and knife. The other day he beat me up while threatening me with a knife.

“On that particular night he went on to force himself on me. Whenever I refuse to sleep with him he assaults me. I am now living in fear as a result of his violent behaviour,” complained Khani.

Responding to his ex-lover’s submissions, Masuku said she courted his anger when she dumped him for her neighbour despite the fact that she was the one who had persuaded him to abandon his first wife under the pretext that she would marry him.

“It is not true that I am threatening her with an axe and knife so that she sleeps with me. The only time I beat her up was when I found her in bed with another man.

“I was angry that she dumped me for that man who is also her neighbour after she persuaded me to divorce my first wife under the pretext that she would marry me,” responded an emotionally charged Masuku.

His defence did not, however, please the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya who sternly ordered him not to verbally and physically abuse his ex-lover or visit her place.

– BMetro

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