Mugabe breathes fire, wants his Presidency BACK: That’s why I paid CIOs better than you uneducated soldiers


Former president Robert Mugabe is reported to have told close relatives and friends at a private birthday party that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces went to war against their own people in November 2017.

He told guests who attended his private party yesterday at the blue roof that, the military had chosen Emmerson Mnangagwa’s in a purely Zanu PF party issue.

“They said to me people have marched, they want you to go. They said they have filled the stadium demanding that I should go. I asked, Which people? MDC people? What about those not in Harare? What about Congress? Did you go and ask them? So today the people we must listen to are opposition supporters. People were beaten, the soldiers were assaulting up our intelligence guys saying you are paid higher than us.

“You wear good suits, hence you are protecting Mugabe. Ahh they didn’t know that you do not need to be educated to be a soldier, normally soldiers are recruited from Grade 7 or Form Two while the intelligence team is recruited from those who are educated. It should follow that when one is educated with a degree or A Level you should be paid higher than those who are just recruited as long as they are trained,” he was quoted by The Standard as saying.

He added: “They said Mugabe is a legend, which legend are you talking about when you are busy taking away the vehicles. They said they want to protect my legacy, which legacy are they talking about? What legacy when they have expelled me from the party. This girl here, my wife, is no longer a member of Zanu PF, so what legacy are you talking about.

“Because we had a misunderstanding with one of my vice presidents, Emmerson, the army with Chiwenga decided to take out tanks into the street. This is not what we fought for. We did not fight for people to be threatened like what happened. Those tanks you saw, I last saw them 1939-1945 during the war period. I asked ‘are we in a war period, why go to war against your own people? Why do that Because of power!'”

Mugabe who said that President Emmerson Mnangagwa had demanded a meeting to talk about his welfare, declared that he was not going to sugarcoat anything when he meets the president. He also said during the coup, which the military code-named Operation restore Legacy, some people were murdered, while others were injured.

“People were injured, some were killed. They came here with bruises, some with their heads injured, and told us that some of them had been killed. The army commander at the time took sides with Mnangagwa in the Zanu PF factional wars and rolled out tankers,” Mugabe fumed.

Last week, Mugabe, who had not been awarded a chance to speak since he was ousted three months ago, pulled a shocker when he alleged that President Mnangagwa’s government was illegal and that he should be given back his presidential position so that the nation returns to constitutionality.

In a scathing brief to African Union Commission (AU) chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat at his “Blue Roof” mansion in Harare’s Borrowdale suburb on Monday afternoon, Mugabe said the Mnangagwa government was illegal and the AU should help to “restore normalcy and democracy in Zimbabwe”.

According to a prominent journalist, during Mugabe’s meeting with the African Union chair, and in front of Obert Mpofu, Mishek Sibanda and other government officials Mugabe allegedly stated that he was forced to resign and that the military has taken over both party and state.

Mugabe said he was willing to call a spade a spade as he was not afraid of anyone to help bring Zimbabwe back to a constitutional and legal path.

“To start with, the political and security situation in Zimbabwe has radically changed since November 15 last year; certainly not for the better, but for worse,” Mugabe said, according to the notes.

At that point government officials became uncomfortable, those who attended said.

“You need to assist us to bring this country to normalcy and democracy. There is need for people’s rights to be restored and normal life to continue. Now there is no freedom of expression. If you disagree with them, then you must die,” Mugabe told the African Union Commission Chairperson.

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