LATEST: Grace Mugabe now in hot soup over her PhD degree


A thesis submitted by Grace Mugabe to the University of Zimbabwe for her PhD is a sham and a fraud, as more and more evidence emerges indicating she plagiarised the contents.

Khuluma Afrika has since established that part of the contents of her thesis were taken word for word from British Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist Paul Renn’s work.

One chapter in question (4.8.1), ‘Using Attachment Theory to Explain Criminal Tendencies and Delinquency Among Adults’, pp. 108, 110, 111. is plagiarised from an article that she was published in the journal Attachment & Human Development, 4 (3) Dec 2002, 294-317, entitled ‘The link between childhood trauma and later violent offending: The application of attachment theory in a probation setting’.

A copy of the journal which Grace plagiarised from can be obtained here.

Grace Mugabe was awarded a bogus PhD by the country’s biggest university, which used to be among the most prestigious in Africa.

Claude Mararike, the man at the center of the sham, was reportedly fired by the university for possessing a fake PhD as well.

The University’s Vice Chancellor Levy Nyagura was arrested by the country’s anti-graft police and appeared in court charged with the fraudulent award of the PhD. This days after he blasted his Sociology department in local press.

Grace’s husband, the former President described the furore around his wife’s fake degree as harassment.

Speaking at private celebrations held to commemorate his birthday, Mugabe was reported as claiming his wife was being harassed because of her degree.

Several academics have already poked holes into Grace’s work, while Khuluma Afrika established fairly early that extracts of her PhD supposedly written in 2014, and made public in 2018, appear in other pieces of work dated 2016.

Khuluma Afrika was alerted to this fresh evidence by Paul Renn, whose work was plagiarised by Grace Mugabe.

It is unclear at this stage if the university will act honourably and strip her of her bogus degree.

– Khulumafrika

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