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THE founder of Kingdom Bank, Nigel Chanakira, has dismissed as fiction a story which appeared in the state-controlled Sunday Mail newspaper alleging he was the financier behind a plot to oust President Robert Mugabe from power.

The story was headlined, 'Business interest driving Zanu PF palace coup'.

The newspaper, which reflects the official government position on key issues, alleged that Chanakira and ousted Mashonaland East chairman, Ray Kaukonde, and other key business leaders were financing Vice-President Joice Mujuru's attempt to topple Mugabe.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Chanakira said he has not attended or organised any such meetings as alleged by the Sunday Mail as he has been away on business over the past couple of weeks.

The Sunday Mail said the businessman was responsible for organising factional meetings at his church's premises in Harare, prompting Mugabe to quip that the church "was the new party headquarters" after he was briefed about the alleged plot.

Chanakira is the current non-executive chairman of the Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA) which is driving the government's investment agenda.

The Kingdom Bank founder said only the Lord will vindicate him and that He will be his advocate.

"There is a nasty front page article on me in the Sunday Mail. I pity and forgive the writer/s as my hero Christ was falsely accused and dealt with the allegations in such an exemplary manner. I remain His student," he wrote.

"I appreciate all family and friends who have called, in boxed me and advised me that they are praying for me. I felt appreciated and trusted by you all and I won't let you down on this one by God's grace."

The newspaper alleged that Chanakira had used his vast wealth to buy the allegiance of party officials at various levels of the Zanu PF's administration.

"There are two categories of business people backing Mujuru, they are those who are struggling and who think capturing the state will enable them to reposition their businesses and then they are those on sound footing and have gambled on Mujuru in the hope of being rewarded later," said the paper quoting an unnamed senior Zanu PF official.

"Whatever the case, it shows they are no ideological underpinnings to the support. Rather, these are people who view the State as a feeding trough and quite frankly, it is a scary thought that such people aspire to take over the country," he said.    

Zanu PF is currently embroiled in a messy succession war that has seen seven key leaders aligned to Mujuru purged as the party heads towards an important congress in December.

Mujuru is locked in a bitter fight over Mugabe's succession with Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Top Zanu PF sources say Mugabe has moved to purge key allies of Mujuru who, according to the veteran leader's wife, planned to topple the 90-year-old at the party's December congress.

Mujuru has since denied the allegations but that has not stopped Mugabe from weakening her grip on the party's politburo and structures around the country with the suspension of all chairmen who could have nominated the vice-president as the party's next leader.

As things stand, the vice-president now faces a tough fight even to retain her current position at the crucial December gathering.


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