Angry soldiers attack former President Mugabe


Some angry soldiers have written a letter to former President Robert Mugabe attacking him for claiming that they were illiterate and should not expect to be paid equal amounts to the central intelligence officers who are educated.

The letter posted on Facebook by Baba Jukwa says “It is with a sad heart that they as soldiers write this missive in response to Mugabe’s reckless, stupid and disparaging utterances he made in which he said he did not pay soldiers well because they are uneducated.

“By that statement you forfeited whatever iota of respect that we still had for you. It does not make any sense that you starved those who protected you for more than 37 years in the name of illiteracy. Yes we understand that you are now a private citizen but your comments laid bare for all to see your true character…you have been a sheep in leopard’s skin. Robert, you are the devils reincarnate, and we blame the Generals for giving you a leeway to live to this day, you should have been taken as collateral damage,” reads the letter in part.

“A person with such skulduggery and tomfoolery behavior should not be allowed to live. Why are you so bitter whilst it was the Chiwengas who imposed you through the Mgagao declaration and deposed you through the asante sana Enigma? You were appointed by the gun and disappointed by the gun, simple. It was your pro_stitute Grace who openly invited soldiers when she said Chiwenga huya nemasoja ako, and you failed to reprimand her. How could you have reprimanded her whilst you were the one writing the scripts? You are clever but not intelligent, you did not see the templates falling .You ruled with fear, treachery, cruelty and impunity such that it needed grade sevens to bring you to order.”

The soldiers said they were happy, that although they are deemed uneducated, they did their map reading well and managed to do night navigation from Inkomo to blue roof.

“Robert, it is iconic to note that your learned suit guys failed a simple intelligence task, for how could tanks travel 42 kilometres to Harare without knowing? You relied on gossip guys whilst the true intelligence guys did their work. We are so proud of ourselves, we proud in our academia. We have doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, cartographers within our ranks, just to mention but a few. We have our defence university that churns out legends like SB Moyo. If what you said is caused by Grace neglecting you and failing to change your diapers in time, we can second our medics to you,” reads the letter.

“Conclusively, be warned that you are still vulnerable, we can still organise the mob to march to blue roof, the Gaddafi style, and there will be gnashing of teeth. Mugabe, why are you afraid of the people you ruled? Look at Obama, Khama, they walk freely. Just take a walk in first street and see what happens.

Zimbabwe is a sovereign state, nous deferendemus este pais no nosso sangre meaning “we shall defend the country with our own blood.”

– Online

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