NPF lambasts Mnangagwa and his ‘junta’ for attacking Mugabe


Newly formed political outfit, National Patriotic Front has called on Zanu PF to stop rabid attacks directed at ousted former president Robert Mugabe.

In a statement signed by NPF spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire, the party which is formed of mainly disgruntled G40 members called “on the ZanuPF-Junta and its associated propaganda mouthpieces to stop their rabid, divisive and unconstitutional attacks on President Mugabe.

The attacks, according to NPF, “have gone out of control and are now threatening peace and stability in the country.”

“The past week has seen outrageous and desperate attacks on President Robert Mugabe by Emmerson Mnangagwa, youths of ZanuPF-Junta and its propaganda mouthpieces in the print and electronic media.

“Some of these attacks, such as those regarding President Mugabe’s legally protected personal banking, are in direct violation of banking laws and a violation of his constitutional right to privacy.”

Although NPF said they are not speaking for former president Mugabe, the party said they note with concern that the attacks are as a result of the latter’s meeting with interim leader of the new political party, Ambrose Mutinhiri at the Blue Roof residence two weeks.

The NPF added; “everyone can see that the intimidation, blackmail and demonisation of Mugabe is designed to prevent him from exposing the fact that the 15 November 2017 military coup was unconstitutional, to deny him his constitutional rights to freedom of expression and freedom of association; and to force him to legitimatise and endorse the election of the very same people who criminally and unconstitutionally removed him from office through a bloody military coup and who are now illegally and illegitimately running the country through ZanuPF-Junta.”

NPF said it is ironic that the same people who humiliated Mugabe demand that he emulates former South African president Jacob Zuma who graciously left office and continues to be treated with respect by Cyril Ramaphosa.

“It is ironic that coup propagandists fatuously say President Mugabe should emulate President Zuma by endorsing Mnangagwa and campaigning for the election of ZanuPF-Junta.

“How can that be? President Zuma is right to endorse President Cyril Ramaphosa and to campaign for the ANC, not least because the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) did not violate the South African constitution by stooping low to hijack the ANC and take sides between Zuma and Ramaphosa. There’s no ANC-SANDF in South Africa.”

– Bulawayo24

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