A STORM is brewing at a house built by Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader, Prophet Walter Magaya in Chitungwiza for a person deemed by the society as mentally challenged.

Last year in December Magaya "blessed and delivered" Antony Thole who was mentally challenged for over 20 years. As of last year Thole was staying alone at his late father's residence.

At the time Magaya visited Thole's residence there was nothing but a scorched dilapidated wall without a roof and a pile of rubbish he collected due to his mental condition.

During his days of "wondering in the wilderness" Thole survived on eating rotten food which he collected from rubbish bins and there was no one to look after him. Thole's life changed after an encounter with Magaya late last year.

"God told me that Thole was not mentally ill but that his condition was caused by the spirit of poverty," said Magaya then, before building a house for him at his father's residence.

The PHD Ministries leader furnished the house and employed members of his church to look after Thole until he fully recovered.

Thole's young brother only identified as Kimpton who is married to a Johanne Masowe apostolic church prophetess resurfaced six months later and claimed full control of his father's property.

He erected a structure adjacent to the one built by Magaya and turned a bigger part of the remaining area into an apostolic church shrine (Sowe). He arranged clay pots, red cloths and kitchen knife-shaped-wood among other wares in front of the house built by Magaya.

When the Weekend Post visited Thole's family home in Chitungwiza recently the former Buymore Football club player had no kind words for PHD church members.

"I am the owner of this residence, it belongs to my father and I am now in charge. I do not want to see members of the PHD Ministries here. If you helped my brother genuinely why are you now making this place your permanent home? Leave my brother alone, I do not have a problem with him but handidi vanhu vekwaMagaya pano. Endai munoudza prophet (sic) Magaya kuti pano hapazi pePHD asi kuti ndepangu, saka ngavachibvisa vanhu vavo pano, zvakakwana (I am the owner of this property and I do not want to see people from PHD Ministries here)"he said.

He accused his brother's aides of bad mouthing him and trying to separate Antony from the family.

"My brother's problem is not yet over, achiri kutopenga uyu, kana vanhu vekwaMagaya vaine shungu dzokuonana nablaz makadii kuvatengera stand mobva mavaka ipapo kwete pano (My brother is still mentally challenged, if Magaya's followers are dying to see him they should have bought him a stand and build there not on this stand). Iko zvino blaz vakutondimhoresa nekunze kweruoko (My brother is now too proud)," he said.

However Thole's neighbours said Kimpton had attempted to sell the property several times before Antony found favour from the Prophet.

"He had tried to sell the property on several times before Magaya came in. He left his brother Antony alone without anyone taking care of him and we were shocked when he came to reclaim the property he had deserted for so many years. Recently he was almost beaten by the community for insulting his brother," said an unidentified neighbour.

Antony is now a member of PHD Ministries.

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