Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao mocks Mawarire’s POVO coalition


In the latest installment of The Zhuwao Brief Reloaded (ZBR), Patrick Zhuwao believes Evan Mawarire and other members of the People’s Own Voice (POVO) will be defeated in the forthcoming elections.

Zhuwao questions the logic behind the formation of a coalition of independent candidates and says:

It’s ironic that independent candidates are constituting themselves into a group. How does an independent candidate simultaneously become a member of a group of divergent individuals with no common manifesto? What happens if there are other individuals that want to contest in the same wards that these independent candidates are standing? Do they become default members of the coalition in which members contest against each other? Whilst there is speculation that POVO is a political party in the making, the reality is that the POVO conceptualisation is schizophrenic in seeking to confine independent candidates within some form of political formation which now limits that independence even by the simple act of having common regalia, let alone an admittance criteria.

Zhuwao believes POVO will suffer the same fate as Simba Makoni and says:

I suspect that the POVO project will suffer the same fate as that of the association of Simba Makoni’s independent candidates in the 2008 elections. Makoni stood as an independent presidential candidate together with a collection of independent local and parliamentary candidates none of whom won a seat. After having been walloped, they then formed a political formation, Mavambo Kusile Dawn, which was stillborn after the false start of seeking to hoodwink Zimbabwe’s sophisticated electorate with fake independent candidature.

– Pindula

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