‘I heard the audible voice of God’: Chiyangwa now a pastor


BRIAN, son to flamboyant businessman and property mogul Phillip Chiyangwa, is now a pastor after a personal ‘road to Damascus’ moment.

The 32-year-old said he has left behind the party freak life and alcohol after he heard God’s voice telling him to change his ways.

Brian Chiyangwa

“Most people know me and they know the lifestyle that I have been living but God transformed my life, I am now a Christian, not just a Christian but a pastor.

“It is by God’s grace that I am who I am today because for a very long time in my life I had always had clashes with God.

“Several times I would go into the bar and after entering my eyes would close, I kept on resisting the sign until one day I got into the bar and I got really sick.

“Whilst I was on sick bed, I heard the voice of God clearly calling me to turn from my evil ways, and from that day onwards my life changed completely.

“I know when people talk of such stories they think it’s a joke but I have personally experienced it on my own,” he said.

Though he is now a changed person, Brain added that some of his associates are still finding it hard to believe him.

“I am now going to Fire Charismatic Centre Church led by prophet Clement Keya but I received a prophetic word that I will start my own church but it’s not something that will be happening soon.

“I believe God is still working in me to become what he really wants me to be.

“When I finally start the church it will be out of a pure heart and not to get money out of it.

“I already have enough for me and my children and I have no reason at all of starting a church to robe people their money.

“My family and friends are now convinced that I am completely changed but I still have a group of people who knew who I was before who still haven’t yet believed,” he said.

Brian added that his family background paid a role in him becoming a Christian.

“When most people hear about my family they only think of the wealth that my father Phillip Chiyangwa created over the years.

“Though God blessed us with wealth that is not the only blessing we got from him, my family actually abides on Christian morals.

“My grandmother was a prayer warrior and those who know my dad can testify that he is a giver.

“He has given a lot of his wealth to a lot of people and he has empowered of lot of Zimbabweans to start their own businesses and to pursue their different careers.

“My sister Stephanie who is in the United Kingdom is also doing well in the things of God, she started her church there and she is also thinking of establishing it here.

“Though I was not going to church my wife has always been going to church with the children so you can clearly see that my family background also has a lot of influence of the decision I have made today,” he said.

– HMetro

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