Fireworks as UK woman organises a team of protestors to disrupt hubby’s wedding


A NURSE’S private wedding with a married UK based man set for Saturday in Waterfalls looks set to be disturbed by a team of protestors sent by the latter’s wife, H-Metro has learnt.

Mavis Sibanda is alleged to have snatched Lesley Amos, 52, and the two are expected to tie the knot tomorrow behind the latter’s wife Dorothy Mutetwa’s back.

Dorothy and Lesley

H-Metro has a copy of the wedding invitation card clearly marked ‘STRICTLY BY INVITATION and REGRETS NO CHILDREN’. The card also leaked to Dorothy who was left in England and she has organised her friends and relatives to demonstrate against the presiding marriage officer expected to join the alleged ‘unholy matrimony’.

“Yes I am wedding on Saturday and the wedding is perfectly legal. Dorothy is now my ex as were never married. In UK you can live together as boyfriend and girlfriend for decades without being husband and wife.

“I tried to pay lobola for Dorothy but her relatives refused my money. These are the same relatives that want to come and disrupt my wedding but I have known this for a while and I will deal with them. I have engaged the police and this is a strictly by invitation wedding. Even you, H Metro are NOT invited as well,” said Lesley.

Dorothy told H-Metro that Lesley used their family money to organise the expected wedding assisted by his sisters Mollen Kaswaurere and Lynet Chidyamatamba.

Mavis and Lesley

“My husband was seduced by Mavis and their plans to tie the knot were kept secret as his sisters Mollen and Lynet were arranging everything while he was here,” said Dorothy.

“My relatives discovered this private wedding after one of the invitation card was given to one of the family friends.

“We are to confront the marriage officer by the gate since invitation is restricted and ask if it is allowed in Zimbabwe to solemnize private weddings given that I am customarily married to Lesly for the past 21 years with two kids.

“Mavis is after relocating to United Kingdom and decided to marry my husband by engaging a church pastor.

“My husband is protesting my decision to confront aunt Mollen and Lynet over accommodating Mavis after I heard that the two were in an illicit affair.

“Vanatete vakanditsamwira saka vakurongera hanzvadzi yavo muchato nemurume wangu akadanana naMavis kubva gore rapera muna September.

“To be honest with you I am the one who facilitated travel arrangements for my husband to live in United Kingdom and supported him for some years before he got a job and today he is using family money to marry Mavis,” said Dorothy.

Contacted for comment, Mavis a single mother, denied plans to marry Lesley or knowing him saying H-Metro had called the wrong number.

“I am not marrying anyone this Saturday and I do not know anyone by the name Lesly. It’s a wrong number,” said Mavis before hanging the phone.

Mollen, with one of the contact numbers on the invitation card, denied knowledge of the wedding and dismissed Dorothy saying Lesly has one wife who is Mavis.

“I am surprised that you have a wedding invitation with my contact number,” said Mollen.

“Lesly is my cousin brother based in UK and Mavis is his wife not Dorothy and the two never agreed to tie the knot as alleged.

“Ndinonzi Mai Daka ndinogara ku Chinhoyi send me the invitation card so I verify what you are saying,” said Mollen who refused to entertain questions after the card was sent to her.

– HMetro

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