Read what Joice Mujuru told the US Senate Committee about president Mnangagwa and 2018 elections


People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) Leader President Dr JTR Mujuru met the Visiting United States of America Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Harare on the 6th of April 2018. The US Committee is on a Fact finding mission of political reality prevailing in the country post Robert Mugabe era and in view of the pending harmonised elections of 2018.

The PRC leader took the opportunity to brief the Visiting US Senate Committee on the PRC political and electoral demands should the country envisage the holding of free, fair and credible elections. Dr JTR Mujuru highlighted to the delegation that the current Government administration is a product of a military coup and that there is peremptory need for the holding of free, fair and credible elections should the country immediately return to the rule of law and constitutionalism.

The PRC Presidential candidate took the opportunity to take the Visitors through a list of PRC political and electoral demands which demands PRC presented to the office of ED Mnangagwa and copied to Zimbabwe Electoral Commission early this year and how a failure to achieve and implement the reforms would adversely affect the holding of free, fair and Credible elections. For avoidance of doubt the PRC Political and Electoral demands presented by leader of the Government in waiting, PRC are as follows:

1. Issues of electoral intergrity

2. Need for political restraint of traditional leadership authority in electoral processes

3. Demilitarization of electoral processes

4.Issues of Political violence and intimidation

5. Media Reforms for both public print and electronic media.

6. Need for independent Zimbabwe electoral commission

7. Diaspora vote

8. Need for clean and verifiable voters roll

9. Transparency in the procurement of election materials

10. Independent election material audit

11. Election observation and monitoring

12. Independent electoral courts

13. Independent mechanism for receiving complaints

14. Equal engagement of all election Stakeholders

15. Need for Pre agreed road Map.

The PRC leader highlighted to the visitors that there is no indication of the military regime’ s willingness to implement the critical reforms notwithstanding ED’s grand standing on foreign soils to the effect of wanting to facilitate the holding of free and fair elections.

Zimbabweans should also take note that the issue of Zimbabwe Electoral commission took centre stage regarding its independence and politics of exclusion and collusion when it comes to the need of engaging all political parties in the country on matters of political processes ; and more worrying is when ZEC critical manpower would be seen in the company of Zanu pf in countries like Russia in very much unclear circumstances.

Above everything else Mother Zimbabwe needs to assure Zimbabweans that the issue of electoral and political reforms is a non negotiable matter and PRC is ready to take every constitutional means necessary to ensure that the decency and intergrity of Zimbabwean vote is protected. Justice needs to be seen to be done for justice delayed is justice denied. Another workable and great Zimbabwe is possible.

# Mother Zimbabwe for President 2018.

# Dr JTR Mujuru has my vote 2018.

# My Joice My voice My vote My Choice.

Adv Gift Nyandoro
PRC Spokesperson.

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