Disaster as Acie Lumumba and Temba Mliswa undress each other: ‘Temba ndosaka une kapfupi, kabenzi!’


Viva Zimbabwe President William Mutumanje, better known to many as Acie Lumumba, has been involved in a Twitter war with Norton member of Parliament Temba Mliswa.

This is the continuation of the most bizarre case one can ever come across where Temba Mliswa had NSSA boss Robin Vela fired for allegedly se_xually harassing his small house he has two kids with. Vela was entangled in a sexual abuse matter raised by the NSSA Company Secretary who happens to be Mliswa’s girlfriend.

Mliswa is now attacking William Mutumanje (Acie Lumumba) accusing him of being a gay gangster.

Mliswa said on Twitter, “Remember I said that my stance on corruption would draw attack? Word has it William Mutumanje (Acie Lumumba),a young man I bought a ticket to return from SA when I found him stranded at the airport, is “backed” (pun intended) by Robin Vela? Rise of the gay gangsters? I rest my case.”


As expected, Lumumba responded, “Temba can you afford a flight ticket iwe? If you can why don’t you use that money to pay your 34 children’s school fees. (Kokupfeka protector nhai?) Do white people know you clobbered John Coat during your farm takeover? (Unopenga-Grace voice) kabenzi. Ita pwe!”

He went on, “Temba, ndosaka une kapfupi. Gay chichacho? Imagine being short and small? Kabenzi!”

And on, “Kapfupi siyanana neni, ndokurebesa!”

And on, “Temba Mliswa : “Lumumba is a gay gangster”

“Lumumba: “Hapana kuipa Temba, bring me one of your wives or daughters I cross my heart ndovaparadza pachi gangster!”


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