Mugabe in trouble, Economic Freedom Fighters & landless citizens to take over 20 of his 21 farms


Last month state-controlled Herald newspaper exposed deposed dictator former president Mugabe for owning 21 farms. We will quote only this paragraph from that story so that those who missed it understand where we are coming from:

“There is an issue of farms that they (Mugabe) have been leasing to whites. Here was a President who was preaching one-person, one farm, but who has 21 farms but a good number which was being leased to white farmers. And he knows that the new government will have to want him to choose one out of the 21…” the paper claimed.

Innocent Ndibali

We as EFF are calling on the freedom fighters, traditional leaders and landless citizens to join us as we are lobbying to take over 20 of 21 Mr Mugabe’s farms. We are not apologetic on this and it is not political but a fair practice as it addresses the past imbalances. Our fathers did not fight and die for one man to have 21 farms. Our fathers did not fight and died to have other races displaced but to uplift every citizen into same living standards.

We are therefore calling and challenging the journalist who wrote the story that exposed the greediness of the former president to make public details on all farms that are owned by and leased by Mr Mugabe to our landless citizens regardless of their races, region or tribe. We will force the government to redistribute those 20 farms to the landless people.

If they delay we will urge our members and all landless masses to invade those 20 farms as a way of correcting imbalances implemented by Mr Mugabe. We will be soon petitioning the government on this matter. Land must not be leased or fronted by proxies but be given to our people not on racial, tribal or political lines. We call upon every citizen with information on multiple farms ownership direct or indirect to come forward.

EFF represents the interests of the millions of Zimbabweans who need land, jobs and a better livelihood. There is a need to promote an environment that will attract investment, radically grow the economy and create jobs. We therefore believe that ways of ensuring a genuine, transparent and non- partisan process is crucial. We call for the depoliticisation of the expropriation and ownership of land. We are convinced that the land expropriation can only be seen to have delivered in the interest of Zimbabwe if the ordinary citizens at grassroots have access to land-farms in their own areas.

For this to happen we ask politicians to sing from the same hymn sheet on issues of ‘one man one farm policy to give credence to land expropriation without compensation. Land expropriated without compensation must never be reversed. Land auditing must be conducted with urgency, fairness and efficiency. EFF recognises that land forms the backbone of the economy. EFF is urgently advocating for and the implementation of “One Person, One Farm Policy”.

The majority of land must always be owned by the indigenous people of Zimbabwe and not only the connected or politicians. EFF is of the view that Land expropriation without compensation and subsequent land ownership therewith shall not be reversed by any successive governments or in the court of law as land is the birthright of the people of Zimbabwe. Our hope is that all citizens, all parties even those in Government can establish resonance of the ownership of land.

The millions of the unemployed and the poor Zimbabweans whose interest EFF represents need support in access land in a way that is inclusive but still maintaining and safeguarding the interest of the economy. As representatives of the economic freedom revolution, the majority of Zimbabweans and that have suffered for a long time, we accept the expropriation of land without compensation and this can never be reversed.

We therefore put our energies to understanding how expropriated land was distributed, how certain politicians owns multiple farms and how the expropriated land can fairly benefit the millions of Zimbabweans we represent.

Our “One Person, One Farm Policy”. Will not discriminate between those in power and those out of power, therefore we want to warn others with multiple farms that EFF is coming for you as well.

EFF is the Zimbabwe’s Economic Freedom Fighters representing the interests of majority of the poor, unemployed and economically disadvantaged Zimbabweans.

EFF is a radical, leftist, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movement with an internationalist outlook anchored by popular grassroots formations and struggles. We locate the struggle for economic emancipation within the long resistance of Zimbabweans, Africans to racist colonial and imperialist, political, economic, and social domination.

As a party we advance this resistance to a decisive victory to vindicate the justness of the cause of liberation wars and to pay tribute to all those who perished fighting for the liberation of the African people and all the oppressed people of our land as a people.

Issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters

Innocent Ndibali
EFF Commander-in-Chief (President)
+44 7506 490998

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