Chaos at police station as police officer goes berserk and bashes Assistant Inspector with iron bar


A BINGA man allegedly fatally stabbed a fellow villager six times and a police officer tasked to investigate the issue severely assaulted his superior with an iron bar, after refusing to take on the case.

Apheti Mudimba (24) allegedly stabbed Mike Munenge (36) on the forehead, chest and back with a kitchen knife in front of his kraal on Saturday morning while a fellow villager watched.

Mudimba works at a plot at Kensington in Bulawayo. Police have since launched a manhunt for him, as he disappeared after the killing.

A source close to the investigations said the two had a misunderstanding over a cow which Munenge was given by his uncle, William Muleya in March this year.

The source said Mudimba also wanted the beast and argued that he was its rightful owner since he grew up herding it.

“On Friday, Mudimba arrived from Bulawayo to Lubu to discuss the matter with Munenge. On the following day, he went to his homestead and found him with an unnamed villager,” the source said.

Mudimba said he had come to collect the cow and forced Munenge to go with him to the kraal. He opened the kraal and Munenge tried to stop him.

The source said Mudimba picked up a log and assaulted Munenge.

“Munenge tried to retaliate, but Mudimba took a knife from his pocket and plunged it twice into the right side of Munenge’s chest. He pushed him to the ground and frenziedly stabbed him three more times on the back and once on the forehead. He then fled from the scene and hid the knife in a bush,” the source said.

“Munenge was taken to Binga Hospital where he was pronounced dead.”

At around 1PM, Detective Assistant Inspector Iyanayi Lartino Zvironzo (47) from Binga Police Station assigned Sergeant Eckhem Chipara (43) to attend the scene of crime but he allegedly refused.

A police source claimed Sgt Chipara is very superstitious and he believed Mudimba would bewitch him if he instituted investigations.

Asst Insp Zvironzo, the source said, took an official book to record Sgt Chipara for insubordination.

“Sgt Chipara blew his top. He got hold of an iron bar near the office, charged towards his boss and threatened to kill him. He hit Asst Insp Zvironzo on the arm. Police officers fled from the office leaving the screaming Asst Insp Zvironzo at the mercy of Chipara. He was rescued by a detective who was brave enough to return to the office,” the source said.

The incident was reported to a Chief Inspector Mukahanana, the officer in charge of Binga Police Station.

The source said Sgt Chipara, who was breathing heavily through flared nostrils, would not relent.

“Even in the presence of the boss, he continued threatening to assault Asst Insp Zvironzo and poking him with the iron bar that everyone had been afraid to take from him,” said the source.

Matabeleland North provincial police spokesperson Inspector Siphiwe Makonese could not be reached for comment.

A week ago, another man from Binga struck an 86-year-old man to death with an axe after accusing him of bewitching him before setting upon two women from the same area with the same weapon, leaving them seriously injured.

Munkuli Mahlabezulu (30) of Minsale village went on a rampage on April 11 after claiming to have seen visions of Mr Chilemba Mudenda of Siyafugama Village bewitching him.

– Chronicle

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