14 pupils in hot water for selling and smoking mbanje at school


The school head at Bheghedhe Secondary in Buhera was left awfully shocked when he discovered that 14 of his students are in the business of selling and smoking mbanje at school.

It emerged that the dagga is supplied by a Form 4 pupil (name supplied) who in turn told the school authorities that she got the consignment from her mother.

The girl and her 13 couriers sold the drug at 50c per ball to clients in addition to the coterie itself being part of the smokers. They said that they smoked the drug from the school toilets and bushes and this happened mainly during lunch or break time.

The District Schools Inspector Godfrey Chimbwanda confirmed the story and told The Mirror that the case is still under investigation. He said the girl confirmed her involvement and went on to implicate her mother as the supplier.

The head Langton Mamvura’s report which The Mirror has seen shows that the pupils are going to get corporal punishment and then dig contour ridges which are 1m deep and 15m long.

Police spokesperson was not reachable for comment..

Parents of the involved pupils were called to the school last week and disciplinary action is going to be taken against the perpetrators.

“We have such a case at Bheghedhe Secondary and the head informed me that the girl has confessed that she was getting supplies from her mother,” said Chimbwanda.

The crime was discovered after teachers were tipped by some pupils that the accused girl was supplying mbanje to the school.

The rest of the involved pupils are in Form 2 and 3 and they also confessed to the crime.

– MasvingoMirror

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