Lady Storm ditches husband Mukanya, reveals the real father of their 4-month old child

Ex-soldier and dancer Lady Storm

DANCING sensation, Lady Storm – real name Lyn Magodo – has parted ways with her husband of less than two years Tinarwo “Mukanya” Gotora amid revelations that she lied about the paternity of their four-month old daughter.

The 24-year-old, who told H-Metro early this year that she never cheated on her spouse, is said to have moved in with her South Africa based lover.

Sources close to the goings on said Lady Storm, aka Eriza, is currently holed up across the Limpopo with her lover believed to be a music promoter and businessman. He is also believed to be the real father of her child.

“It’s over between Lady Storm and her husband,” said the source.

“Lady Storm was first invited to South Africa for a show last month where she travelled along with the baby.

“She is still in South Africa where she has since settled with her lover who has been threatening to expose their shenanigans.

“We heard the two (Lady Storm and South Africa based lover) called Mukanya advising him that the child was not his.

“Mukanya simply accepted it and he claims he has moved on and has nothing to do with Lady Storm or the baby anymore,” added the source.

Further investigations by H-Metro revealed that Lady Storm was likely to settle in South Africa in shame.

Lady Storm with ex-hubby Tinarwo ‘Mukanya’ Gotora

When H-Metro hooked up with Tinarwo, he corroborated with the source.

“It’s over between us,” a distraught Tinarwo told H-Metro on the sidelines of a recent family show.

“It’s hard to believe that Lady Storm was cheating on me after all what I did for her when we were still in love.

“As we speak, she is still in South Africa staying with her lover who told me that I was not Chloe’s biological father.”

Tinarwo, who frequents musical shows by artistes in the mainstream industry, is reportedly drinking like a fish after he learnt that he was not the baby’s biological father.

“It’s over between us my brother,” said a distraught Tinarwo.

“When she left for the South Africa recently, she took the child along.

“She told me that she was supposed to return shortly after holding live shows.

“However, I got the shock of my life when they called me together with the man telling me that I was not the paternal father to Chloe.

“I just accepted it since the mother is the best placed person to know the truth.

“What really pains me most is that she has been cheating on my back when I thought I was not sharing her with another man.”

Asked how he was going to recover costs he incurred fending for another man’s child as well as hospital bills when Lady Storm was pre_gnant, he said:

“I won’t ask her for refunds because it’s a closed chapter. I will leave it to God and I wish them all the best in their union.

“I played my part and it’s nice that I got to learn that I was not the paternal father while it was too early.

“It was going to be more painful if I had learnt about it when the child was grown up.

“It’s a closed chapter and I will simply move on and open another chapter,” he added.

Lady Storm, who is still in South Africa, was not reachable for comment at the time of going to print.

Her manager Andy Kays who doubles as a club wheel-spinner confirmed Lady Storm was still in South Africa.

However, he could not be drawn into commenting about the dancer’s social life.

“Well, I can’t comment on her social life since I am only responsible for managing her works.

“I have been trying to get hold of her but she seems to be avoiding people.

“I have been trying to get hold of her via WhatsApp but she doesn’t reply my messages even if there are blue ticks to confirm she browsed them.

“I’m not sure whether she will be back home or not since she left along with her baby,” he said.

If reports that Lady Storm has settled with another man in South Africa are true, she would have been left with an egg on face after she recently rubbished claims that she cheated on Mukanya.

Unconfirmed reports say the South Africa based man who has settled with Lady Storm had been threatening to expose the affair when she was pre_gnant.

Lady Storm’s alleged South Africa based lover is reported to have also demanded that she reimburse him if she continued staying with Tinarwo.

Tinarwo, who was reported to have dumped his first wife for Lady Storm, is said to have been hanging on in the affair despite the dancer’s alleged shenanigans with other men.

– HMetro

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