NURSES and patients at Sodaka Clinic in Tsholotsho in Matabeleland North Province were treated to an action-packed drama when a pregnant woman ran amok and poured a bottle of urine on a nurse she accused of ill-treating her.

The humiliated nurse, Frenia Mugwagwa (34), reportedly courted the anger of her patient, Thulani Mpofu (26), after she insulted her saying she was filthy and smelling.

Mpofu from Zaqaweni Line, also claimed that Mugwagwa incensed her after she forcibly ordered her to clean the toilets saying she was uneducated hence she should comply with whatever she asked her to do.

As if that was not enough, Mpofu further claimed that Mugwagwa was starving her by allegedly denying her access to food saying she wanted to get "fat" with hospital food.

According to reports, the melodramatic incident which saw Mpofu "baptising" Mugwagwa with urine, started after the latter had asked Mpofu to give her back the keys of the room she was staying in at the clinic while waiting to deliver.

Mugwagwa asked Mpofu to surrender the keys after she reportedly refused to clean the toilets and apply floor polish to all the rooms of the maternity waiting shelter which were being used by expectant mothers.

The order however, did not go down well with Mpofu who quickly packed her belongings and left the clinic in a huff without surrendering the keys of the room to the hospital staff.

It is reported that Mpofu later came back to the clinic after two days and she was insulted by Mugwagwa who said she was not going to attend to her as she was smelling of urine. As a result of the smear, the two parties exchanged harsh words.

The verbal slur reportedly spiraled out of control and the annoyed Mpofu took a bottle of water which she mixed with urine and poured it on Mugwagwa. The daring Mpofu went on to forcibly grab Mugwagwa and bit her on the right thumb.

In revenge, the "baptised" Mugwagwa reportedly took a pot full of isitshwala and hit Mpofu on the shoulders before she rushed to the police and filed charges of assault against Mpofu leading to her arrest.

For the offence Mpofu was dragged before provincial magistrate Abedenico Ndebele.
She pleaded not guilty but was convicted and sentenced to pay a fine of $200 after the court found overwhelming evidence that she committed the offence.

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