Give one of former president Mugabe’s 21 farms to Tsvangirai family: President Mnangagwa told


IF President Emmerson Mnangagwa wants Zimbabweans to take him seriously his government should first consider reallocating that land which Mugabe redistributed to himself, the Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said.

The remarks by EFF come after Mnangagwa assigned Lands Minister Perrance Shiri to identify a farm to give to the late former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s family.

In a statement, the EFF said as a party which stands for economic freedom and for landless people they believe that the gesture towards Tsvangirai’s family was a correct step by the new government which is promising to empower every Zimbabwean despite political affiliations.

“The country suffered under the monstrous rule of former president Robert Mugabe who segregated Zimbabweans and only rewarded those who worshipped him with the land which was fought for by our fathers,” said EFF.

“As a fast growing party we will continue calling for and fighting for one man, one farm policy unapologetically.”

“As a party we have already identified one farm and made easier job for Lands Minister, he should just take one of Mugabe’s 21 farms and give it over to the late Tsvangirai.”

EFF went to say that they believed Tsvangirai was the doyen of democracy and giving him one of Mugabe’s 21 farms would be an honour to his spirit and legacy as he fought for a just Zimbabwe where every citizen is treated equally.

“We would like to call upon the war vets, MDC-T, National People’s Party, People’s Democratic Party and fellow Zimbabweans to join our call in challenging the government to give to Mr Tsvangirai’s family one of Mr Mugabe’s 21 farms as a way of thanking him for paving a way for democracy in our country,” the EFF said.

“We are still challenging the government officials who blow up the whistle on Mr Mugabe to give us more details on the name of the farms and their locations.”

“Their effort of reversing the damage that was done by Mr Mugabe is appreciated and all citizens must come together and help them in re-constructing the country,” added the EFF.

Last month, the state-owned daily Herald newspaper quoted a government official saying the former president who was preaching one-person, one-farm, had 21 farms, a good number which was being leased to white farmers.

– NewZimbabwe

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