JUST IN: Zimbabwean soldier shot dead in South Africa


Hillbrow and Berea residents were left shocked after a shooting incident that happened outside Discount foods shop, in Hillbrow. It is claimed that a young man was coming from the shop, having bought a China bag and some few things. All of a sudden people closeby saw another man following him and pulled a gun and shot him without saying a word.

The Zimbabwean man, who is in his late thirties, is said to be a soldier back home. Sources close to the deceased said he was in South Africa for a visit.

“He has been here for a week now and was preparing to go back home, that is why he came to the shops to buy the china bag. He had already bought his groceries and wanted to pack them in the bag”, said a source close to him.

It is, however, unknown why he was shot and who shot him, but according to the police officers who attended the scene, the two had an argument earlier on inside the shop. It is suspected that the killer wanted to rob the deceased right inside the shop, which led the two to a beefed up argument. All this was seen on the CCTV footage from Discount Foods.

According to eyewitnesses, the man struggled for almost an hour on the ground, and in the process he lost lots and lots of blood. “Had the ambulance arrived earlier, this man was supposed to be alive as we speak”, said the witnesses. The only people who tried to offer some help are the traffic cops who were close by, but there was nothing they could do without any medical equipment. After almost an hour of struggling, the man gave up and passed on just like that.

” We are not safe at all here. You go to the shops or to work fearing for your life. The worst thing is we are living with these criminals in the same area. We are now even afraid of reporting them because if they get arrested today, you meet them in the same street again tomorrow, a situation that puts our own lives at risk”, said a certain lady who was so devastated by the incident.

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