Tobacco auction floors emerge as new hunting grounds for pr0stitutes and thieves, farmers in trouble


They call it survival of the jungle and the tobacco auction floors currently typify this.

As farmers seek to enjoy the benefits of their toil so too are commercial se_x workers and thieves.

During the day, it is a hive of activity at the tobacco auction floors as vendors and other business people gather to sell their products to farmers outside the premises of the floors.

However, it is a different story at night with commercial se_x workers roaming around the place soliciting for potential clients.

Coming from rural setups and too often with no close relatives to offer immediate shelter, commercial se_x workers are quick to smell this vulnerability and pounce on the farmers to drain them of their earnings.

Equally aware of the evolving economic dynamism the owners of this oldest profession have also adopted electronic systems of payment for their services.

Some farmers’ wives however expressed their dismay at the ladies of the night for short changing their families.

“When plastic money was introduced we were all happy and thought our husbands will finally bring money home little did we know the ladies of the night are moving with the times. After all the hard work and toil, we end up failing to raise even school fees,” said the farmers’ wives.

Tied to the menace of the commercial se_x workers, the farmers have also fallen prey to fraudsters and thieves as some of the ladies now work in cahoots with thieves.


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